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  1. Double standards trying to be passed off under the guise of body positivity. I'm sure these same people would light OP up for posting a pic of his crotch in sweatpants.

  2. I like how you didn’t actually try to correct his assumptions after he called your bluff. Let me take a guess as to the issues, was the signage by chance some form of Black Lives Matter or Anti-Hate stuff? Was the flag you had issue with by chance a pride flag? Because I really doubt an anally retentive HOA member like yourself would get up in arms about American flags or the like.

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  4. But if he figures out it might still destroy your relationship so for the sake of this argument, they are a cosmetic surgery and they're also a ticking time bomb. Good luck with that and pray he doesn't find out before you tell him.

  5. It doesn’t matter if it was her or not, though I’m sure it was. This person is not a healthy friend for you to have.

  6. Does she have a history with depression or mental illness? Even if she’s never been treated, if she’s showed signs of having a mental illness please take this seriously and get her parents involved and call in a wellness check. As she probably really needs the help.

    If she never showed signs of a mental illness before, the chances of this being a pure manipulation ploy are much higher. I would still take

  7. How do you feel? At the end of the day, that’s what matters. Can you forgive and move on? Do you want to?

    How will this change your dynamic? Can you trust her moving forward? It’s the Ross And Emily situation (if you’ve watched Friends). If you can move on without needing to know where she is all the time/ controlling her then good on you.

    Me personally I’d be so insecure I couldn’t trust that person again. But everyone is different and some people can bridge the mistrust and build the relationship to be stronger. It’s really up to you

  8. She shouldn't have to say she has a boyfriend. She shut him down regardless and, most importantly, he has a girlfriend. You sound very insecure and immature.

  9. “Every since I told him that I fucked two guys while he was talking to me, he’s been really hurt and has felt betrayed.”

    … You did nothing wrong. “Talking” does not automatically mean an exclusive monogamous relationship.

  10. Oh yeah how much does sunshine hurt! I've got green eyes and it suucks. There's nothing special about green or blue eyes.

  11. Well if she uses that argument on you.

    “but she sexted him afterward” this proves that you CANT trust her. Her ex will always be a problem in your relationship. Let him deal with her and walk away. That would be my advise.

  12. He likely was never a danger. Something extreme happened with the fiancé for the friend to cut contact like this. It’s super suspect that the fiancé isn’t saying what happened.

  13. The arguing isn't going to get better if you both don't improve. Telling your girlfriend to “go fuck (herself)” is absolutely unacceptable (her shouting the same phrase over and over again is completely unacceptable and supremely annoying, but it absolutely does not excuse cussing at her.)

    The truly unfortunate thing is many people find nothing wrong with their behavior and, therefore will refuse to change anything. You need to sit down and have a discussion about both of you learning to “fight fair.” You can try having it over text if it's impossible to be civil to each other in person.

    If she refuses to see anything wrong with her behavior, you need to decide if you can live with somebody who argues like a three year old for the rest of your life.


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