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6 thoughts on “IAM_18TEENlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Actually I’d say OP is the one who dodged the bullet here.

    Seriously, they’re not in a serious committed relationship. Not even really dating. They’ve literally had a single date. She knows nothing about OP or his schedule. Has no idea if there’s a valid reason he didn’t reply to the text for two days.

    If she’s that needy and controlling this early into the ‘relationship’ then OP definitely dodger a bullet here.

  2. I do. I typically keep my work clothes in the guest room closet because they smell like…work in Chicago (Lol, think that's the best way to put it). But thank you, will be keep up at it at getting to the bottom of it the best way I can.

  3. Have you considered that your girlfriend is worried that her illnesses could get to a stage where she can’t work (be it temporarily or permanently) and is worried that you won’t be able to support the both of you. That she’s pushing herself to keep working because you wouldn’t be able to help with her medical bills. Anxiety is one of the main things that can aggravate an autoimmune disease, even trigger it.

    You say you aren’t responsible for her medical bills, but if you want a life together you may be faced with the choice of helping her pay them or seeing her go untreated should she have to stop working.

    You have given her zero indication that, should things take a turn for the worse, you’d step up to take care of her. Even if it’s just with picking up the housework. Circumstances have changed, she’s unwell – but you’re the one who won’t recognise that her needs have changed. Either your a partnership or your roommates, and tbh you sound more like a roommate than a life partner.

    She deserves to know you can step up and take care of basic tasks without complaining all the time, just as she has been doing while sick. I mean, she’s been doing everything while being sick and undiagnosed. Now she’s diagnosed instead of taking that into account you expect her to still be your maid.

    Honestly, if I’d been sick and my partner hadn’t stepped up to help more – and then still not stepped up even after I get an official diagnosis – we’d be done. Right now your total unwillingness to get a better paying job, or take on more of the household responsibilities, or even to truly split the bills fairly, is showing her she can’t count on you.

    You’ve been the one treating your relationship as transactional the whole time, the moment she tries to rebalance the scale you accuse her of being transactional. It’s hypocritical.

    She deserves better, and right now you’re showing her you aren’t the person who can give her better. In fact, your attitude is probably exacerbating her stress and poor health. She’d be better off alone.

  4. One dude I was in a relationship with for 1 year before he told me he had a 5 year old. His parents had her while we were at school. -.-


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