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  1. It's not up to you to change your husband's behavior. What you describe is not love. Not even in the slightest. It's not even remotely okay for yall to even be in a yelling match. There shouldn't be raised voices, most definitely not cussing.

  2. What are you on about? She got invited to an EVENT and transport and lodging was also paid for.

    She didn’t like the lodging part of the entire arrangement.

    He offered to pay for all of it. She declined.

    What’s so very hot to understand?

  3. It's not rape. It's also not rape when a guy does it. Its not rape here. It's fucked up for sure. But, it's not rape.

  4. Does this social group have a history of partying together? Something you may want to reflect on is whether or not this is a Mutually Assured Destruction situation that has gone naked.

  5. Ok if it helps with his depression is he doing it with a psychiatrist’s knowledge? Or is he just doing it and not getting created by a doctor at all?


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