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7 thoughts on “IamAnna

  1. I wouldn’t even be attending Christmas if he was going to be there. Your niece doesn’t need that drama and trauma and quite frankly neither do you. I’d have the most incredible mother-daughter Christmas Day with just you and your niece and do all of her favourite things and make it magical for her. She’s 6. She still has her innocence about her and that shouldn’t be tainted because her biological father is a waste of space.

  2. In most situations it's a bad idea to be friends with an ex anyway but adding in the rape makes this so much of a worse idea

  3. very much probably. i've only even being diagnosed with minor ocd, but i've heard that adults with autism are sometimes wrongfully diagnosed with ocd. The reason i bring up autism is because my gf is a psychologist and she has some expertise in autism and she says it's likely that i'm “on the spectrum”(i'm not sure if this is the correct way of saying it)

  4. Someone’s mental health will never be your responsibility. The things he’s said to you and put you through aren’t things you do to someone you love. And someone using suicide threats to keep their partner with them aren’t characteristics of someone who is genuinely suicidal. It’s just abuse. Suicide (usually) tends to be quiet without telling anyone. So I very much doubt he killed himself. But a wellness check may put your mind at ease

  5. Omg please stop…get a hold of yourself…don't let some girl destroy your soul…pick yourself up and dust yourself off…she wasn't the one…she was there for a lesson to be learned…find out what the lesson was and move on…you are still young…you will find the right one…give it time…sending positive vibes and hugs and damn I wish I can bring you some chicken soup for the soul… stay positive my reddit stranger friend.

  6. That’s so true. Sex was painful for me for 2 years, I bled every time I had sex and it was so painful


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