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  2. Why not just ask them to text you when they are ready to get picked up? That way they wait on you instead. Just actually leave when they are ready. Don’t make them wait around for you

  3. THIS! My parents had a rule about this with tv regarding anything mature. If I couldn’t describe what the nature of it is, I couldn’t watch it.

    So when Dawson’s Creek was airing the season four episode of Joey loosing her virginity, my parents asked me why should I at 14 be watching it?

    Me: “Because Joey and Pacy are going to have sex for the first time.”

    Andddd thats how I back in 2001 ?

    Anyway, completely agree. If you are going to have sex, you need to realize this an ADULT decision which means you directly say, “I want to have sex, bring condoms.”

  4. Hmm, it may be excessive, but remember you not in public. You can take this to another level, depending on how uncomfortable you are out eventually get

  5. Ha! So interesting that you said that, because the vibe I got from his comment was that he sounds like a hot right-winger of some sort. It's all well and good to want a prenup, but if you start going off on the evils of the state before a first date that's going to trigger some alarm bells.

  6. It means she is prioritizing her friends over the relationship and will be hanging out with them more

  7. It's definitely the right advice. I've benw with my husband for twelve years. I orgasm EVERY SINGLE TIME, normally multiple times per session, from plain ol' penetrative sex. Because my husband tries. He puts the effort in. I can count on one hand, the times I wasn't able to finish.

    You need to read less studies, and talk to more human women.


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