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  1. This is my rule of thumb. If I bring something up without accusing and their reaction is “I’m not hooking up with other people!” “I’m not cheating on you!” When you never even mentioned that word, they just told on themselves. Extra points for anger, storming out, leaving for the night/ giving the silent treatment. Extra extra points if they call you crazy, insecure, paranoid, or anything that shift the problem back to you.

    So yeah, people who aren’t guilty (who aren’t getting constantly accused by an insecure partner Bc I will say some ppl get sick of constant proving) are not going to jump straight to anger, saying you’re accusing them of cheating, or anything like that. They’ll be just as confused as you if they truly don’t know where the heck it came from.

  2. thank you, upon reading this ive came across this, – “Whereas when you’re pregnant, you’re more likely to seek out family members or those who are genetically similar to you to create a community to rally around your little family. Yikes.”, im not sure why this resonates with our situation but it does, ive done absolutely everything for her more than anyone has ever done and cared for her more than her own family but because our bad arguments and fights she only sees the bad side of me and she goes to her family then for comfort and opinions on the relationship when they were never there for her to begin with. does this make sense?

  3. “Loved it in high school when I didn’t know any better. Rewatching as an adult was problematic. I think there’s one healthy relationship in the whole shebang, right?”

    I mean, it's kind of implied in the title. That it's not a sappy romcom, but saying this is what 'love' can 'actually' be like. An absolute bum show. It does have romance, just not in the ways typically innate to the genre. It's cynical, sure, though not unrealistic.

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  5. You obviously need to find a better man that values you and let’s you peacefully work on building self esteem, but you also need to take accountability for your choices. Idk why you’re so mad that he almost killed you while driving completely drunk on a motorcycle that YOU chose to get on. You knew what was happening!! You knew he shouldn’t have been driving and exactly what the consequences of that are. There is no indication of abuse here that excuses your choice. Stop acting a fool and staying in a bad situation. You don’t communicate your hurt and disappointment because you don’t matter to him.

  6. This is partly why I posted. I would say I do have a good sense for manipulation if it doesn't involve me directly. If the other person is offended by my actions and reacting to me, I really struggle to understand whether it's an issue with them or if I'm trying to minimize my own involvement and not taking accountability. Thank you for your response.

  7. Is brother's right to know more important than the destruction in the family that will be caused? Is there such a thing as right to know? The reddit group will likely crucify me over these questions. However, after watching and reading about the destruction of peace, love, and cooperation in the family or social group, I'm worried about action caused by a feeling rather than careful thought. IMO the so called right to know rests on feelings rather than logical thought. Just my thoughts offered for your consideration. You and the whole family deserve to be happy. Best wishes.

  8. You seem to be one of these people “okay there's this new thing that's objectively much more healthy than the old thing, but I still prefer the old thing because it's the old thing and been around for longer so it must be more natural right?”

    No, vaping is not gonna cut her life expectancy in half, and there's not “lack of research” about it. Sure, it'd be healthier not to vape, but it's not gonna just randomly kill her and it's way better to do that than actually smoking cigarettes.

  9. People die from smoke inhalation before they die of the fire. Also air fryer fumes even when not “melting” can kill birds. While melting, can severely damage human lungs, particularly a child's.

    I understand his stress because police and first responders sometimes take money from homes they are going out to but your guy is either severely underestimating the risks of smoke inhalation not to mention fire or is just a jerk.

  10. I would let it lie. You did great in making it happen for him. You wanted him to be happy and he was happy. He also had to do the right thing by the people who came to celebrate with him. That is naked on you. And yes, hurtful. We are all thoughtless sometimes. Be glad you were selfless and were giving enough to let him enjoy being popular. Right now, you’ve got brownie points from this. Don’t make yourself look bad.


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