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  2. Did you ever consider this may be the point where you break things off??

    Her reasons are valid as are yours, and you not wanting to rent your place out is super valid. People are wild!!! But all of this to say, that this is a HUGE difference in values. Like?? How is she wanting you to sell your house?? And on that note, if she's truly a city galz the suburbs are a death sentence.

    Just saying dude. It's ok to have this be the point where you can't move forward. You'll always resent her if something happens to your house, she'll resent you for being bored all the time.

  3. If you’re not ready after 2 months of talking to someone, you either take a step back and stay friends or leave them alone. You don’t string them along and expect them to stay strung. And if someone isn’t ready to be dating, they should find better things to do than lead other people on. The time frame plays into how he’s being manipulative

  4. People sometimes do take a year off for depression. Especially back in the 60s, treatments were not as good as they are today, and may even have gone more along Freudian lines, depending who she got treatment with. If she was hospitalized, it could have gone on a while, or she could simply have missed enough school that it would make more sense to take the whole year and start off fresh next year.

    But suppose she did have a baby.

    Should you ask her about it? My own practice has been not to make someone uncomfortable just to satisfy my own curiosity. So I would say no. Or you can gently ask her about the year of school she missed and ask why – but don't push it, if she doesn't seem willing to talk about it.


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