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  1. This happened to a friend of mine from Egypt.

    Her husband put her in a barren apartment with her son, no mattresses or blankets, when she became “difficult” . Then he had another wife and children living the life of luxury. He husband controlled the money and her travel movements.

    She escaped eventually and made her way to Canada with her son. She had nothing. My friend can never go back because she is not 'divorced' in the countries eyes. Repercussions would be swift.

    Good luck. My heart breaks for you and others in your situation.

  2. Yeah you should because he’s a thoughtless jerk, not because of his weight. He’s using that as his excuse to do what he wants. Other people shouldn’t subsidize his weight problem

  3. Your body is yours alone. NO ONE IS OWED YOUR BODY!!! You are dealing with a health crisis and he is forcing you to have sex. That is sexual assault

  4. This.

    My wife was a very clean person. But she commonly went through times where the scent was really enough to make me not want to go down. And I love going down. Other times it was virtually scentless.

    And this has been pretty much the case with most women I've been with. You've got a super delicate balance down there and it can get thrown off no matter how good your hygiene is.

    While this guy does sound like a dbag. OP sounds so completely sure of herself and defensive that I would bet that's the type of mindset that could lead to actually having a small hygiene issue but never admitting it and letting it turn into an actual big deal. A small hygiene issue doesn't mean you did anything wrong or aren't a clean person. Just means you might have to modify a routine or two.

  5. I caught my husband at a strip club after he turned his location off when out with a friend. He knew this was a deal breaker to me.

    Does the rest of the post really matter then? A deal breaker is a deal breaker.


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