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14 thoughts on “Im-alexis on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. People often rail against something they like when they fear what others will think of them for it, including themselves. Take pretty much ANY christian.

  2. honestly i personally feel like you may be overreacting a bit here. shit, it was 7 YEARS ago, even if that was genuinely how he felt BACK THEN (i know he said otherwise, but in that confrontation he could have been lying to soften the blow a bit) hes clearly not feeling that way now. he wouldnt have stayed w you for 7 YEARS if you were just someone he was fucking. apology or not youre lookin too close at the words and ignoring the actions. i dont really feel like this even really warrants an apology being 7 years in the past. its not like he cheated on you or sumn.

  3. Sounds like his mother knows no boundaries. Hate this stuff. I know people in similar situations and it's so unhealthy/imbalanced. Not ok.

  4. he's ur ex that your still smashing. zero obligations with good sex. i dont blame him. you gotta cut him off cuz it sounds like you want or expect more. if this is an ex, either get your feelings out of it or stop fucking him

  5. he says he believes you won’t understand him? So he’s indirectly calling you ‘dumb’ or not emotionally intelligent enough to understand what he’s trying to say?

    Or, he is afraid he cannot express it properly. Or, OR might be missing knowing some context. Or, OP might know some different context than him and would understand it differently. You don't have to always assume the worst possible meaning of what you hear.

  6. i told him i find one of them good looking but that doesn’t mean i’m going solely for the men and solely because of a singular man.

  7. So, like, before you decided to have one, did you give even 5 minutes of thought to what having a baby would mean?

    Coz… welcome to parenthood, bub. You don't get to run away and hide at the other end of the house coz you didn't know that babies cry.

  8. She really has no one to blame but herself for amassing this much debt for a degree worthless enough that it can't pay for it.

  9. He doesn't need to admit, if you know the truth, why worry about him admitting it? Move past this and do what you need to.

  10. Hey man, different people have different boundaries. To some porn is cheating. Both of these people are toxic and should leave.

  11. Your partners age is a massive red flag honey. I'm younger than him by a couple years and even I wouldn't date someone your age. And I doubt any women my age/his age will date him knowing that he preys upon women who are soooo much younger and less mature. It's absolutely creepy. He knows he can manipulate you because you are far far less experienced in life, you do huge amounts of maturing between 22 and 32, HUGE. The person I was at 22 vs 32 are wildly different and the same is true for most people. Your brain quite literally hasn't finished developing yet meanwhile, his did nearly a decade ago… Don't you think that's a bit ick? Get away from this predator, meet someone your own age so you can grow and mature together.

  12. I should have added this too in the post but I’m also seeing individual counsellor on this and it hasn’t been that helpful. Ive changed counsellor too so this is my 3rd counsellor. I’m not sure if it’s still a matter of not finding the right counsellor for myself or if there’s something to do with me. It’s all so confusing in my head these days thinking about all this


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