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5 thoughts on “Im-kandy online webcams for YOU!

  1. So you lied to her when you said you‘d keep working at your degree to get her to quit her job and move with you. Yeah, that can lead to getting dumped.

  2. I'd hope a guy who already has a kid with an ex, would have pushed harder for BC. I hope both him and OP can be more responsible going forward. It's gotta be a tough road for OP so hopefully she has support from family.

  3. Yeah I know how drama queen I can be sometimes. That’s why I need to hear a rational advice before actually do this sh!t. Thank you for your reply, really.

  4. Having taken two women's virginity (hold your horses, these are also both the only women I've ever been with) it is a special moment… I've also never understood the hype.


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