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  1. we’re on a similar boat love, i’ve been questioning myself do i really need this person in my life. I can either find one better or none at all and just put myself first for once. we women don’t need them in our lives if you think about it. you deserve WAY BETTER.

    you both made the right decision in not having children together so props to you both the only positive thing about it unlike me just makes it impossible for him so stay away from us. i know its very hot i feel so alone too.

    pack your bags take yourself on a break abroad, you’ll be amazed at what the world has to offer!

    please feel free to message me 🙂 hope things gets better for you

  2. I just picture him going to the store and picking these out, thinking about what she’d like. That’s what gets me. And he did think about how you’d feel which is why he said he didn’t mention it until she opened it. It’s weird. It’s not divorce weird, but it’s major red flag weird to me. It’s the kind of thing where I wouldn’t want him around her anymore at the minimum.

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  4. Not necessarily. She cheated 10 years ago, and he hasn't mentioned any other “faults” since. If she just buried a child then cheated, grief can make you act stupidly/recklessly. It's not black and white like you think it is.

  5. I would just ask if he could let you check his phone for yourself just to ease your own mind. If he freaks out about it, don't argue just walk away.

  6. In Dutch we have a saying: no point in tugging on a dead horse.

    In English we have a similar saying: no point in beating a dead horse. 🙂

  7. Stop centering other people's feelings and opinions in your questions. You aren't asking him questions so you can understand. You aren't asking him things about himself about his identity about how he feels. You aren't asking because you care about him you're asking questions because you care about perception. You're asking how to explain to grandparents or whoever you're asking how to make other people understand. Stop it. It doesn't matter if anyone else understands. Stop trying to ask how to make people understand him stop asking him to think about and regulate other people's reactions to him. Be there for him try to understand him support him but do it because you love him not because you need to explain him to someone else.

  8. One of best things I ever did was change my mentality from “we can work on that” to “if this never changes so I still want to be in this relationship?”

    You can work on things but if it’s something that you talked about and it still isn’t getting fixed, are you okay if it never does?

    Thank you. I'll remember this for my next relationship.

  9. If he doesn’t want another kid that child will be fine as a only child. You can’t force someone to do something


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