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  1. I don't 100% want to generalize, but women are like that. When you make the decision to distance, they think emotionally and go “oh shit, he doesn't need me?” And most of the time, will realign themselves to WANT to be a part of your life. Reward the effort.

    That's some alpha masculine energy right there and it drives women wild. There is a reason most women are with people who are perceived as assholes. In reality, you are just standing up for yourself and exhibiting self respect. They are attracted to that.

  2. Right. I’ve owned labs and retrievers my entire life. But we had the space for them. An apartment would probably be too small to keep the dog happy. There are definitely big dog breeds that don’t need all the exercise that a lab would need.

  3. “Now that I've confessed to lying for years to you about the reason we got a divorce you should just move on. Just ignore how we wasted all that time going to therapy that was never going to fix the problem since I had no intention of telling you what the actual problem was. So, move on. Right now! Why are you angry? I'm being so honest now.”

  4. She was never your friend. She was a vile excuse for one. If you feel the need for closure, send her a text…

    You literally abandoned me when I really need you. You have done nothing but showed me you never cared about me, you thought it funny when I got pranked—even knowing how my mom died—which shows how sadistic you are. You couldn’t even be bothered to help my cancer-stricken father out. My wedding was with people who actually mattered. Not for some pathetic excuse of a ‘friend’ who wouldn’t stop stabbing me in the back. Or something along those lines.

    But is she really worth all that energy? No. She’s completely worthless. Don’t even acknowledge her. Block her and move on. If she tries to speak to you just keep ignoring her and moving forward.

  5. My brother in Christ she cheated.

    I’m sorry your wife was raped but that doesn’t change the fact that she WAS going to CHEAT on You!!! You are Not obligated to stay with her just because of what happened to her. I truly hope she heals from being assaulted I really do and you can hope she heals too but that doesn’t mean you have to stay with her and be by her side. She CHOSE to CHEAT unfortunately for her it didn’t turn out well ??‍♀️

  6. If he’s been cheating the whole time, I guarantee the cheating will continue for as long as you’re together.

    I would not stand for it, I would feel too disrespected and grossed out.

    If you’re entertaining the idea of staying, understand that this problem will not go away.


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