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  1. That is not a commitment. Halfway in is not all in. You need to reiterate that you just want to see her. If she does not, cut your losses and find someone who does.

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  3. It could've:

    Been stuck to the bottom of a shoe and tracked in.

    Fell off the ear of a delivery person and stowed away

    Belonged to a previous tenant and been stuck somewhere well hidden and ended knocked around through 7months of cleaning.


    Fell out of the pocket of one of the guy friends you've had over.

    Belonged to his mom or sister and they just didn't recognize it.

  4. Maybe let someone know that you're confronting your bf, doesn't matter if you tell them why.This is really abnormal and he could get defensive/aggressive. Just incase and someone knows where you are and to check in. It absolutely needs to be addressed though.

  5. in most states if you establish residence, you need to be evicted. how long the eviction process can take will vary by state.

  6. Are you ready to have a kid with this guy? If someone messed with your birth control, or if you were sexually assaulted and got pregnant, you know he's going to make your life hell, right?

    He's not pro-choice, he's forced birth.

  7. So…I don’t know this particular man. But I do know a lot of men who were implicitly taught from birth not to ever worry about household tasks because there was always a woman around doing those tasks for them. And most of those men, when confronted by their wives about not helping absolutely agree that they should pull their weight. But….with a lifetime of the brain never learning to pay attention to these things, the inertia pulls them right back into old habits.

    And I kind of get it because I think or everything I’ve tried to change in my life —healthy eating, exercise, medication, heck right now I’m just trying to drink more water—and it’s really REALLY naked to make it stick even with the best of motivations.

    Now like I said—I don’t know this man and he might just not give a shit. But to the question of what can counseling do: 1. Provide enough of a shock to the system ( oh shit she really might leave me for this), to shake loose some of that inertia and 2. Provide some systems, tools, and accountability for actually making a change that sticks.

  8. Planned Parenthood is generally respected as a gold standard for reliable sex ed info. You may hunt down studies if you like.

  9. Dad needs to get a grip.

    Shes only been in your life for like 1-2 years… And she's family? Yeah no.

    Like this great she's a nice person, but just because she's dating your Dad doesn't automatically make her family lol.

  10. Ok but if y'all want me to pick one or the other I should get to know what Daniel is like.. let's use our common sense ???

  11. Have some self respect for the love of god. Abuse is a cycle and you’re walking right into it. Your fiancé doesn’t care about your wishes or comfort level, he cares about his needs and wants and now his ability to control and manipulate you by forcing you around your abusive father.


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