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11 thoughts on “Isabel-rodriguez on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. FFS mate I can see your low on self esteem. Which is a by product of all the bile you have had to put up with from your parents . But come mate on grow a pair. Support your wife and tell your parents to go away in slow jerky movements. If you ain’t good enough for them at least your good enough for the woman that loves you .

  2. Oh no! You do not take her back! You absolutely did the right thing! Stand your ground. You do not need a evil stepmom for your daughter. Move on to someone else because this woman is not it for you.

  3. Your boyfriend grosses me the fuck out. Only thing more pathetic than him is the fact thay you're atayong together with him.

    Get away from this abusive cunt.

  4. You were too young to move in with a guy in the first place. Especially one that is at the age of settling down and having already experienced life, and you've been introverted. He should have realized this would come, sooner or later, but we can't discount the possibility that he got involved with an introvert thinking that he'd never have to worry about them cheating on him.

    Break up with him, move out, go live your life, and let him live! his. You'll both be better off.

  5. She is the accuser here. If your partner blindly assumed you were a pedophile and demanded you get treatment for it how would you feel?

  6. As the daughter of an addict I'll try to explain.

    You may have been clean for seven years, you may be a totally changed person now. But that does not erase the years of trauma that you put your ex and your children through.

    Of course seeing you with a potentially addictive substance triggered your ex. She is terrified of the idea of you putting your kids in harms way again. It is a very realistic scenario in her mind because she lived through you doing that very thing for years.

    I can't remember where this quote is from but it sums it up nicely “for you it was just another Wednesday, for me it was life altering trauma”.

    Your actions when addicted had consequences. Your ex having to be extra cautious about trusting you with your children is one of those consequences.

  7. Not to be mean, but from what you shared, it sounds like you're trying to date out of your league.

    If you've been on 40+ dates with women you consider attractive and not a single one wanted a second date, there's something going on on your end.

    And all the women your friends consider to be compatible with you, you think are ugly? That strongly suggests to me you look decent but need to work on your social skills and how people perceive you.

  8. Really? It is a highly toxic and abusive relationship. Do you want to raise your child to see your husband treating you like this? Gather your self-respect and do what is right to raise your child in a healthy environment.

  9. How come is a pregnant woman allowed to change her opinion on pregnancy but the same isn't always granted to a father who may be initially against keeping the child?

    You blocked him. The right thing back then was to inform him that he is a father. He was a teenager trying to come to terms with potentially becoming a father. Of course he is annoyed at you. You robbed him of a chance to be a father. To love his kids. Yes, yes, his initial reaction wasn't great but it doesn't mean he wouldn't change his mind over time. You robbed him of over a decade with his own children. To even know they exist. Not once have you tried to reach out to see if he changed his stance?

    Apologize to him. Ask your children if they wish to meet their father. Whether you want it or not, he may go after you to establish paternity and custody. It will not look pretty in court that you denied him being a father for so long. Unless he was abusive and dangerous, the first reaction is really not the most representative of what is in the best interest of the child.

  10. Look up “trauma bonding” OP. That’s what this whole situation rings of to me, and with your personal history that you’ve shared, I would not be surprised at all if that is the case. If you have not sought mental health support to help you process the abuse you experienced in your childhood, that could absolutely impact your relationships.

    This dude sounds about as appealing as moldy bread. Go with your gut—don’t marry him. As very hot as ending things now would be (referring to logistics of canceling wedding stuff and such), divorcing later would be a much bigger pain in the ass.


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