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Model from: de

Languages: de

Birth Date: 1982-09-13

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorOther

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

7 thoughts on “Itanielive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Not only that, one of the biggest narcissistic liars in history is on trial.

    And they aren’t waiting for his facial expressions or flop sweats, their using evidence and testimony.

    But I know that’s outside your range so, whatever.

  2. First off we all can and should work to better ourselves to include our physical appearances. You thinking that you don’t need to better yourself literally proves his point that you’re too comfortable. Second did you really say you don’t understand why he doesn’t just break up with you? Imagine if he broke up with you bc you’re lazy and out of shape. He would be demonized and viewed as shallow. Instead it looks like he’s tried pretty hot to work with you on the matter and encourage you to do something that is an objectively good thing for both of you. If you really can’t bring yourself to workout then you should end things so you can both find someone more suited for your levels of fitness and ambition

  3. This guy sounds like he sucks but I’m consoled by the fact that he must have a truly immense and unbearable amount of self hatred based on his words and actions. Anyway break up with his sorry ass

  4. You broke a boundary you agreed to. I think this was an unreasonable boundary in the first place, but you agreed to it and broke it. You have to accept that.

    But she responds to that by breaking a boundary deliberately to get back at you and also throws in some emotional manipulation into the mix.

    You need to ask yourself whether this person and relationship is healthy for you, because it sounds like both are not.

  5. Religion doesn’t make sense – smart people believe it dumb people believe it. Stop trying to reason religion – don’t judge your wife by her beliefs. Understand that as a Muslim she will also try to manipulate your children into Islam and will never back down on this. Can you accept this and live with it ? If you can’t, than think about getting out of this marriage.

  6. Take a step back. Breath. Reread this but pretend it is someone else so that you aren't so emotionally engaged with it.

    Like let's be real: whether or not he is actively in love with her or whatever kind of doesn't matter. How he treated you in that scenario, the fact that around her you were no longer a consideration, just makes this a miserable and pointless relationship. Like I wouldn't wish what you went through on my worst enemy, being ignored like that erodes the soul let alone the reality you have BPD exacerbating it.

    For him to then turn you raising a concern into this imaginary slight like this? Gross. Like it was him that couldn't maintain a healthy balance and if he can't be friends with her without upsetting you that is on him at that point. But to use it as a way to emotionally coerce, dismiss, and hurt you is obviously about as red a flag as there can be.


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