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  1. So how was he on tinder?

    He is not the “most tech person” but he is on tinder? And what type of 32 year old doesn't know how to use a computer? Everyone has to use a computer for most things; work, bank, email, studying, etc.

  2. This is an utter load of shit.

    You have a responsibility to call it out when you see it. There's being open-minded that you might be wrong about something, and then there's engaging in a shared delusion. Don't do the latter.

    You can't work with someone that constantly thinks you have bad intentions, and isn't willing to try to see you in the best light. That's why they say trust is foundational to any relationship. She's not being a team player in any way.

    You can try to talk to her about getting into therapy or something, but this doesn't bode well at all.

  3. Appreciate all the advice. We have two children. My heart is melting at the thought of them finding out. They are good kids they love both of there parents. This is going to crush them.

  4. Dude…….calm down. You've been friends with her for 6 years. You two know each other. It's going to go fine. Just do what you two have always done when hanging out but with a little deeper conversation a little more closeness and maybe a kiss. If she's excited as well then she most likely has had these feelings for a while as well. Just breathe and be the guy she already knows and likes.

  5. Fuck that loser. There’s a reason he’s not with someone his own age. Either kick him out of the house or leave yourself. You can do some much better than him.

  6. I don't use social media at all so I'd be the same. Giving attention to the son is totally natural as you say.

    He doesn't sound like a bad guy, or a narcissist as you say in your other comment

  7. Not their responses, yours. I’m talking about your username and how crude all of the details are! All of the makings of a troll!

  8. From your reply it seems that there is a difference in approach when it comes to disagreements in a relationship. It sounds as if he may get defensive & take it personally – rather than seeing it as a constructive conversation to strengthen the relationship.

    You are both very young and still learning how to navigate relationships. It’s up to you what you want for yourself. Communication is so important in EVERY type of relationship. It’s important to be and feel heard and respected.

    What do you value in a relationship? What is your ideal relationship look like? How would you deal with disagreements? How would you handle hardships together?

    Personally, I would then speak to him again. I know you have and I’m sure you are so exhausted of the same things – I always give it another attempt. (Even though most people didn’t deserve it ?) I would put it all out there and explain how you are both upset at the problem and not each other. Share with him how you are feeling about his reactions and responses to you.

    If it’s the same thing – you have really think if this is what you want.

    No one is perfect but there are fundamental things needed to make a relationship successful and worth while.

    It’s not easy what you are going through ❤️ I hope I helped and made sense. ?

  9. So you’re just owning the lies when she finds them out? That’s not how you “work on it”.

    That’s just you STILL lying because you won’t own the biggest shittiest lie of all.

    You have no right to date anyone until you can own every fucking lie you’ve told any of your girlfriends, past and present.

  10. Housemate or not if she is not comfortable with you doing it, then it’s hypocritical for her to expect you to be okay with it.

    So you either tell her that you are okay with it, but she is hypocritical. Or you tell her no, as it is hypocritical of her to say she would not be okay with it if the roles are reversed.

    Your compromise of him staying with you is a good one, so try that again, if you still get no traction with that request, then maybe a different conversation needs to happen, like why she is so hell bent on him staying with her?

  11. She feels guilty when we go out to eat for her not being able to order what she wants or she’ll feel bad if she orders too much etc.

    Good! Those are things you are supposed to feel when you don't have the means to do something. You cut back, you compromise, you find alternatives… you don't pout about how unfair it is that you can't get steak and lobster every date.

  12. My husband is 9 yrs younger than me. We are going 17 yrs of marriage…known each other 20 yrs. Age is just a number.

  13. 22 years ago my older sister hit on my (now late) husband. He came up to me and told me my sister was making him uncomfortable – I punched her in the face and cut her off for YEARS (I'm not advocating violence but I'm definitely admiring your restraint.) Leave disloyal people in your rearview mirror, your life will be happier for it.

  14. So he allowed them to get hard and he doesn’t say anything, dude enjoys it … his reaction when he ripped the phone out of your hands is a sign that he will go with one of them at their hotel room … move on from this cheater .

  15. Someone’s post got removed or deleted before I could respond but I’m posting my response anyways for transparency and extra context.

    “I have not asked for sympathy once here and I have professional help thank you. My gf is a person I adore very much and I don’t post on Reddit for attention I’m a straight up lurker. I post in a forum whose rules specify to help one another because I’m asking for help. I mean you don’t know anything about me. My psychiatrist would say you’re projecting.”

  16. Also, he lied and told his friends he was dating your sister… he NEVER wanted to introduce you to them.

    I forgot to add that he's American and living in Taiwan (I'm Taiwanese) so all his friends are back in America, so that's why I never met them.

    But yeah, everything else u said is right and I'm gonna break up! Just planning how to say it lol

  17. This guy just wanted to cheat feeling that you would not do anything, and be there after he’s had his fun. It’s time you leave it sounds like.

  18. It’s because they’re full of shit and this trip is going to be an excuse for OP to cheat.

  19. Has it ever occurred to you that you may like something and still look for an upgrade? I sure like my car, it was great condition for the price but I sure as hell am going to upgrade if I find a better one at good price!

    Same goes with jobs! I like my job now but if someone offered me a better position, I’m packing.

    Life isn’t a status quo. At least not for many people. Where you are right this moment, happy or not, doesn’t have to be where you’ll always be.

  20. Bad news. You text these women because you want to, you’re neither brainwashed or cursed. You only do this because you intend to. I hope at least the texts you send are solicited. It would be hella gross if you were bothering these women on top of everything. This is you.

  21. Not sure what you can do, tho, if she lies & is dishonest. How will you know she's telling the truth?

  22. This. Stop asking, but keep digging. Be prepared for how you'll move forward when you find what you're looking for.

  23. It'd be like if you walked up to someone doing a puzzle and just messed up the pieces. Is it the end of the world? No, but it's pretty rude and disrespectful, especially in the context she did it.

    Maybe when she's doing something she enjoys he should walk up and mess it up. Maybe turn off a reality tv show she's trying to watch (which I will assume she's into, given her bratty attitude). I'm sure he'd be called abusive for such “benign” behavior, though.

  24. Did she grow up surrounded by purity culture? Regardless, you need to put on your big boy pants and talk to her. Sexual compatibility can be a huge deal, and marriage is going to make it worse, not better. But if you haven’t had a serious conversation about this stuff with her, you’re part of the problem, and I’m not sure you get that.


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