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Jamie & Nico, 23 y.o.

Location: Germany

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Jamie & Nico live! sex chat

7 thoughts on “Jamie & Nico the naked live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I'm pretty sure girl friends play with eachother like this, like their version of locker talk, and just say shit to be accepted by the other girls. I don't do either so I can only say if I was in those situations I wouldn't participate. I could find others attractive yeah but I'd only have eyes or desire for my girl even if I was saying stuff I knew she wouldn't see.

  2. This. And what I also think is weird would be wearing an AP’s shirt to bed with hubs. How daring would you have to be – maybe hoping to get caught – if you’re going that far into disrespect?

  3. It’s important that you don’t pretend you don’t know this.

    You know she isn’t all that into you. You KNOW it now.

    You honestly can’t have a happy ending with this woman.

  4. this is it. He may not be married but his family expects him to marry something different from you. He does not want to rock the boat or to come out to them as serious with you. He's also a jerk. He should be happily picking you up and dropping you off at work.

  5. I just don’t understand how this people can keep up with so much bs…. My ex (2 years relationship) was dating the whole time this other girl… (I was the one that meet his friends and family and etc), anyways, one week before my birthday, this girl was giving birth their son lol!! I discover this not because he told me but because I found a receipt for a breast pump…. 2 years of life wasted!

  6. You act too sensitive about it. Regardless of where you live, the percentiles are based on national rankings. 75k does not sound super high. You said you don’t have a good car. It is probably not the economic class that your wife wants to settle for.


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