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  2. This is laughable, absolutely laughable. Have you ever been called an abuser or paedophile repeatedly with no break

  3. You gave it a shot and now she's going back to her old shit. It's high time you leave her – for your own well-being and mental and emotional health. Find your self-worth and self-respect and dump her.

  4. I was clearly not the perfect person for him either. And his opinions were really problematic. I tried everything to save the relationship, and tried to discuss it with him many times, tried to find a compromise. He didn’t want to. I was still trying to respect his views and was closing my eyes on it, while he was pushing his onto me, when he knew how much it matters to me and how much it upsets me. Love is evil, and I still wish him the best, I’m not a robot and can’t turn off my feelings immediately. I talked with him about our problems thousand times, trying to fix it. He had his chance. So i don’t think that he was right acting all hurt when he was ignoring everything. Especially telling me how much he loves me and how he would do anything for me. Well words are not actions, I can also promise many things, but if I say or do something, I mean it, and I stick to my promises. And considering that he is older than me, I don’t feel like I have to teach him basic things. So yeah, getting over it is a good advice, and that’s what I am actually trying to do. Thank you)

  5. You didn't do anything wrong. He had to make you the bad gut bc he cheated, or is planning on cheating. He is doing play by plays from the cheaters handbook. Do NOT beg him to work things out. Shock the crap out of him and tell him that you plan on meeting with a lawyer. He can cancel his trip and start therapy with you, or you're gone. He needs to lose the “wrinkly old woman's” number.

    Just letting you know from experience, that you have you hit back hard and fast. He's being an asshole and is likely going to see the woman again. Give him consequences. Show that ass who the mature one is in the relationship. Good luck.❤


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