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  1. I feel that someone naturally inclined to that will inevitably get bored and dispose of the relationship. Is your thinking that, you're happy to toe his line while you're with each other now because one day you'll not be together anyway?

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  3. No, she wasn't. She is pretty vocal about not liking small kids.

    The trip was part of their Christmas. We got her a MacBook for Christmas, which is what she asked for.

  4. If your girlfriend doesn't have the logic sense to realise that her “friend” is a complete manipulative moron, then this is not a battle you're going to win.

    Hopefully now her “friend” has admitted to lying once, your girlfriend will be leas trusting of any other bullshit that spills out of her horrible mouth.

    Ignore the “friend”, be there for your girlfriend when she hopefully realises that her “friend” is complete trash and be the best father you can be.

    I have to ask though, was this chick in the delivery suite while your girlfriend gave birth? That seems odd to me.

  5. Right? husband also never said anything negative against LBGT or anything unless I missed it. He just said and I agree that she should've brought it up to them before than rather in a random public setting. Like “ta-da”


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