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  1. Any chance your gf wants to stop you from drinking? Maybe she thought giving you some sleeping pills would be a good idea instead of you drinking more? It sounds like you’re going through a tough time and maybe she was worried drinking might further bring you down.

    Obviously a super fucked thing to do to give someone sleeping pills without their consent but it wouldn’t be unheard of.

  2. I wouldn’t feel comfortable about this tbh. He’s already got the keys to the car, he wants to go where he wants to go.

  3. Tell her that you’re going to a party that your ex will be at and she’s not invited. See how that goes…

  4. Birth control changes? Other Medicine?

    Those will happen a lot.

    Also just life… a lot of single people eat less, and don’t take care of themselves. They stay up longer, and exhaust themselves with activities, projects, and events.

    Now that she is dating, she might be slowing down and actually eating.

    This could add weight.

  5. You aren’t anything with her atm so of course she’s still on there. Just meet up with her and bone her already

  6. I’d probably only ever see yelling as appropriate if someone is in actual danger or about to do something really destructive and you need to get their attention NOW. I can also see people yelling at one another if extremely angry/fed up about a lot of issues in their relationship that they’re just at the end of their rope for, but in that example, I’d probably say that either the person yelling has issues themselves OR the person yelling is only doing so because they don’t love themselves enough to walk away and instead think yelling will get through to an otherwise toxic partner.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say your partner has anger issues though, but regardless of if you or he is the problem (and it’s him, it isn’t you), this isn’t a healthy relationship.


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