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  1. Thank you – I appreciate your feedback. The male perspective on this is exactly what I’m looking for.

    I’m not trying to be unreasonable or unrealistic, but I’m also not trying to discredit my own feelings.

    Appreciate ya

  2. He doesn’t love you, he has a virginity fetish. I’m so sorry. He’s sexually excited by the idea of a naive inexperienced young girl because he wants to feel power over you, do you understand how disgusting that is? It may even be worse that just a virginity fetish, it may be he’s a pedo and a young virgin is as close as he can legally get.

  3. You asked her for her opinion and she gave it to you, so i don’t really understand why you’re this upset. Would you have preferred if she lied to you? To be honest, I think your defensive reaction is because she struck a nerve. The issue with your boyfriend and his parents is a big one and it doesn’t sound like it’s changing in any way. Talk is easy but if he’s not actively working on it, nothing will change. Those types of ingrained behaviours are naked to overcome so eventually you’ll have to decide if you want to deal with this for the rest of your life. Is your boyfriend in therapy to work on this issue?


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