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Languages: en,de,fr

Birth Date: 2001-04-09

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureStudent

6 thoughts on “JessCrosbylive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I don’t think you’ll be excommunicated. Just apologize and express the same feelings you expressed above and I think they’ll be understanding

  2. Holy hellfire. I've had friends say bad things about their wife like that. I was that friend that held up a hand with a stupid look, had tilted and would say

    Wait, this is your wife you're talking about? You're good with disrespecting your wife that way?

    I'd drive that train for an awkward amount of time. For me, it's the beginning of the end. Respect for one another is paramount!

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  4. This really isn't an issue of nude knowledge but one of emotional and relational intelligence.

    Unless you meet someone who actively enjoys bickering about petty factoids, you're always going to have this problem if you try to inflict “healthy debate” on someone you're dating. That is not why most people have relationships.

    The VAST majority of the time, conversation is about emotional connection, not about attaining perfect accuracy. The people you're dating are trying to connect with you on an emotional level through conversation, and they're getting Wikipedia/debate club in response. Dating is not the right context for this. That's not what they're looking for. You do not need to make sure accuracy is 100% when casually talking about trivial things. It's ok to let someone have a different perspective. It's ok to let them be incorrect, even. You can say “Huh, I didn't know that.” Or “That's really interesting. I've never heard of that” and allow the conversation to continue without turning it into a debate.

    It's interesting that you're doing this same thing in the comments. People are explaining to you how not to drive your dates away with this because that is what you asked for help with, and your responses are a whole lot of “No, but…” and all the reasons you need to continue being a know it all.

  5. *He even told his therapist*

    Really! Like, really, really he told his therapist?!

    Well, that makes all the difference, then.

    Oh, wait. HE told you he told his therapist. And YOU totally believe and trust him, right?


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