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  1. Good bye! If she that reactive over something minor, then you dodged a bullet! If she wanted to end it and that was her escape goat, then she's immature and unable to communicate like an adult.

  2. If you aren’t ready to move on, then don’t. Breaking up or your person dying is the same in the bigger picture. They aren’t there. Nobody wants to be a rebound, just bc you broke up or bc you are a widow. If there was a balanced situation your gf wouldn’t act like that, that’s the vibe I get. Personally I wouldn’t be able to be with you. I don’t know how she does it. You did everything say too early in life and that can be in such situations I guess either really good or really bad- I guess our self knows how to cope with death the older we get.

    But I understand why she started losing it when she sees your ex in pictures everywhere, and you even talking to the picture. Tbh I think your current gf needs to move on with her life and you to continue enjoying living in your past. It does make you happy but you can’t force someone to find this normal.

  3. And since as others have likely rightly inferred that he is a narcissist, it’s telling about who he is. He can only imagine her stepdad staying with her with a sexual intent, because he knows if he was staring at a 19 year olds stepdaughter of his own house, he would not be well behaved.

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  5. Some good responses here already.

    I know there is a lot of jealousy. “Why didn't he love me like he is loving her?”

    I will postulate to you that he gave you 21 years of attention, and her only 3. No doubt there is plenty of guilt and shame there, and he is trying to make up for lost time.

  6. you aren't asking for advice in there. Try to remember you brought up not being together, not him. Then try to remember that what you said spurned everything he said. After that you can apologize to the guy and then have a real discussion on the state of your relationship instead of some freakout fest, where you say whatever comes to your mind first then get angry at the other person for agreeing with you.

  7. Why is it that, almost every time I read stories on Reddit about male partners trying to control their female partner's bodies and gaslight them, there's an age gap of at least several years??

    That aside, you need to leave him OP. There are too many red flags in each sentence.

  8. Yes if you live! there, the fair thing to do is pay rent. He should be responsible for the landlord type things (appliances, maintenance, improvements, etc).

  9. “playing devil's advocate for a homophobe”

    you said yourself jury out think it's important to consider other variables

    “Implying that a conversation about LGBTQ+ isn't appropriate to bring up to a 5 year old”

    I was clear, there was no implying on my stance. Before you jump to conclusions again perhaps you should reread.

    “saying that OP's husband needed time to have clarity in his opinion about accepting one of his children if they were gay says all that needs to be said.”

    again, I was speculating undisclosed variables. exploring these are important to consider.

    You may not realize you're homophobic yet, but you definitely are.

    boo hoo stranger on reddit with shit opinion thinks I'm homophobic.

  10. Your BF is an insecure man.

    It makes him feel good about himself to trash other people. How romantic

    Ditch him

  11. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I (31F) been dating my bf (33M) for just over a month and he’s had a hot time maintaining his erection during sex. He doesn’t cum from sex and usually needs to jerk off. Fortunately he stays hot long enough for me to cum most of the time (he says I cum pretty quickly compared to others he’s been with). He doesn’t seem to think his ED issue is a problem since I finish first, but the sex doesn’t last long and sometimes he can’t stay very hot long enough for me to cum. This is not the way I imagined sex with anyone I’d want to be with long-term. I also wonder about how this would affect our ability to have kids. He looked into a non-invasive treatment and they quoted ~$1400, and he asked if I could share the costs or do a ratio split of some sort. I think sharing costs is unnecessary since it’s his body and it’s a heath procedure with lifelong outcomes. He said he’s only considering the procedure for me and he’s fine with his situation otherwise. I wouldn’t ask him to share costs of an IUD given it’s my body. I think he should foot his own medical bills especially this early on in the relationship. Any advice on how to handle the situation?

  12. Bro block her, block her her sister, block her mom, block her dad, block her grandma, block her other grandma, stay away from that crazy, manipulative cheater. Find someone who treats you right


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