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Birth Date: 1996-01-07

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  2. Oh, so you'll have a baby with your name and and an easy way out.

    Owwww, how cute.

    Nah, not. But somehow I didn't even doubt it.

  3. Nothing you've mentioned here is an unreasonable expectation from her. You shouldn't have a girlfriend if you don't want to prioritise spending some time with her. Let her go, so she can find someone who does.

  4. OP, he cheated because he was jealous, which makes him a complete loser. First thing is to allow yourself to mourn the loss. But also realize at some point that the guy you thought you loved wasn’t him. Not ever. With experience, you will start to think more critically about the people in your life. Be a bit more wary if the ones who go out of their way to love-bomb you. Take note how they treat others, how they speak of others, and how their actions show they respect you. Not just like you. No one is perfect, but there are definitely people out there that are worth your investment of time and emotion as friends or even SO’s. But there are a lot who are like your ex: a complete waste of your time or energy.

  5. Disagree, he's leaving and would only ask once. If it became a repeated request or he was still her boss, then you'd be right

  6. If this is actually about tweets, yes you need to grow up.

    If this is about her not being respectful but asking you to respect her then this is a bigger problem.

    You both are supposed to be adults. Mutual twitter likes and friendships of the opposite gender sex is a thing.

    Literally no one is worth stressing over.. tweets.

  7. Fair enough.

    I don’t see the issue in telling kids white lies here and there. My dad had me convinced he was a secret agent saving the world until I was 8 so I wouldn’t cry when he went to his night shift job. Kids are smart and they soon realise Santa doesn’t exist but they enjoy the theatrics if it.

    But to each their own.

  8. Her being upset that you went to a bar and then you reacting like this tells me that you have a serious drinking problem and double personality drunks are some of the worst when it comes to dating.

    She has every right to feel how she feels. And it’s obvious you are not taking responsibility for it since you rather on-line your life so “care free”.

    She should break up with you since your drunk A self wanted it soooooo badly. She deserves way better.

  9. The new habit of setting alarms to masturbate daily would indicate that OP is not wrong in her assumption the wife is getting off on it.

  10. I agree. On the flip side because many women and men aren't focused on maximizing arousal before PIV those that could be in that category might be living life not knowing until it happens. Since anything over 8 inches is extremely rare, many will never know.

  11. Seems like compromise is possible. Just need to see if I can apply this same logic with my girlfriend. I'm not confident she would agree to once in 5 years or something like that, and I think “if kids enter the picture” is less of an “if” and more of a “when” with her..


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