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  1. So the price of him treating you with dignity and respect was under two stone in weight. I'm not sure that was what you believed of the person you married.

    He seems to have no excuses. He wasn't being egged on, he was looking for a space to air the most acceptable parts of what was on his mind.

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  3. Sounds like he didn’t see your text. And was drunk and reacted the wrong way to your request to turn it down. But it also seems like you are overreacting and have completely lost your temper. You both have some work to do here. He should apologise for sure. But I think you need better tools to manage your emotions/anger.

  4. As long as his name doesn’t go on the title and you want the house, why not. Then get a prenup if y’all get married. You pay all the costs with YOUR money, that’s your stuff. But I’m a cynical guy now who trusts no one.

  5. I think most people if not all have insecurities. There are always things we wish we could improve on ourselves. The saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and whatever you may think of yourself, you need to be with someone who loves you for you. Also remember there are billions of people in this world with different likes and dislikes, no one person is the same. So whatever your ex’s reasons were, he was not the right person for you and your life is better off without him.

  6. Yes! Please! Please don’t be like other people on here and keeping playing this game. You are worth so much more! We’re only given one shot at this life. Do you want to spend what years you have been blessed with, wasted on someone who can’t be honest with you? Let alone keep his pecker in his pants?

    There are amazing, loyal people out in the world and they’re worth searching for. My friends always called me picky (my family even told me that they feared I’d never marry) but guess who just celebrated her 10th anniversary? No cheating. No stepping out when things got hard. Since the day we met, whenever I catch him looking at me, there’s this shine in his eyes thats only cast my way. None of my friends can say that. Don’t settle for anything less! You’re so worth it!

    Love will never be a bed of roses, but I always preferred Lillies anyway! 🙂

  7. Can you go flip the fuse switch to dishwasher when you shower? Go on walks without him. Find something else you can do together. Maybe he doesn’t want to share his gaming time. What about bowling?

  8. Children (and someone in school is a child) hit on significantly older adults all the time. They are still developing and don't have the life experience to make the best judgements for themselves. The adult is responsible for shutting it down.

  9. He sounds a lot like my Narc ex, the difference is I foolishly stayed around for years of this and it only kept getting worse. Since you’re not living together (thank God) just go ahead and ditch him. He’s going to turn on the love bombing and/or manipulation techniques so be prepared for that, you may have to ghost him in the end.

    This behavior of his was exhausting just looking it over written down.


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