Judie and Annie live! sex chats for YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Judie and Annie live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. This made me laugh out loud that the boyfriend might know what a beneficiary is. I think he might be too dumb to know what it is, which makes me happy that he now has life insurance. But also concerned that his boss is the beneficiary LOL

  2. You’re 62 and rich and stupid ? 18months!? Dude don’t be so thirsty mostly not for a 42 year old might as well just get a cheap sugar baby

  3. It's a difficult one – my feeling now is to get it out the way earlier to avoid incompatibility issues later. However I did tell her my kinks, including that her wearing them would turn me on. It only became an issue when it registered that I'd actually worn them myself.

  4. This is definitely a you thing. I suggest you seek therapy to get over your jealousy. I also don't think you should bring it up to your GF. If my BF came to me and said he was jealous about guys I game with live! (that I've been gaming with before I even met him) and never actually meet up with IRL, it would be so weird.

  5. Sometimes simply saying “I don't want to be in a relationship” isn't enough because it leave them enough room to hope that eventually you will want a relationship. The issue is, you don't want to be in a relationship WITH HIM. That's maybe the part he's not getting. But yeah, there comes a time in which you just have to cut off the friendship because his pursuit is getting ridiculous.

  6. Are you implying that something dramatic will happen if people stop patronizing some dude selling coke? You watch way too much TV.

  7. He is lying because you are way to hung up about this. You are not compatible. He IS wrong to be around porn while you two are about to be intimate.


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