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  1. Not yet… but what is her motivation? Help her friend? Get rid of me gently? Or she likes me enough so she helps me to find my match?

  2. She was 20 when we started dating. I'm not accusing her of being immature, I'm just saying that I wish she would realize that her “friend” does really shady shit that true friends wouldn't do. This isn't the only instance where her friend has done shit like this, I just thought that this time she'd truly see what her friend is about.

    I personally could never become friends with someone that ruins what is supposed to be one of the best days of my life. Imagine you're 9 months pregnant and you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you. That has to be one of the shittiest feelings in the world. She saw how my girlfriend was literally crying from that on the delivery bed when we were talking about me cheating but STILL chose not to say anything until she was caught in a lie. It actually makes me sick talking about it. All I'm saying that just because you are friends with someone for a long time DOES NOT mean they have your best interest in mind.

  3. You keep saying “we” in the post, but there’s nothing that indicates that she wants to end the relationship. The cake testing could be a multitude of reasons of “why are we doing this”


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