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  1. Your post are educating and I will like us to learn from each other, could you please follow me Up so we can chat and share ideas.

  2. She told you she doesn’t want exclusivity, is about to go on a trip for an extended period of time , is possibly sleeping with other men and just got out of an abusive relationship. Look at the facts my man. She is someone who isn’t ready to commit.

    She told you what she wants, where she’s at, but have you told her what you want? Or what you’re feeling? Does she even care or is she just surveying the field for guys (probably what she’s doing).

    Brother you seem like a great guy just don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you want to let her know your emotions and concerns have a grown discussion about things right now but understand that she’s leaving for two months and going through a lot. I wish you well on your journey.

  3. But its not about her at all it is about his behavior and if you agreed that he can't meet females alone and he did not respect that all you can do is walk away. If you put down boundaries but you do not act if they are disrespected you can just forget them at all.

  4. I have a three complaints rule when it comes to medical issues. If my wife complains about something, that’s fine. Twice, that’s fine. At the third time, I say in a loving way (paraphrasing here) “are you going to address this or just complain about it?” At the fourth time, I cut her off. I have no time for her to bitch about potentially legit medical issues and ignore her own self care. And I tell her that, but again in a loving way (that takes a lot longer to type lol). Why should we spend my time on her wellness when she obviously isn’t investing her own time into addressing it?

    As to the other negativities, I’ve dealt with that too. Her “stress catcher” is like a cheese cloth, while I let 95% of things through. I ask her “do you want help solving this, or do you just need to vent?” If she wants to vent, I let her, but again after venting 2-3 times I tell her that I’m unwilling to participate unless there is going to be meaningful change. Let’s switch to solutions mode or I don’t want to hear about it.

    Although this sounds rough, in many cases she’s asked me for help and I’ve assisted her booking appointments, changing her schedule and reallocating household duties to help her.

  5. It’s not even my relationship and my heart sank when I read that. Trust your gut OP. There’s most definitely cause for concern here.

    That guy sounds like an actual piece of shit, btw.


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