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  1. 15 months isn't the 'start of dating'. This should have been told about 3 months in at least. Plus having them 'hash it out' is a completely stupid move.

    You bit the dust pal.

  2. Talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel and ask her what she'd need to feel comfortable dating again. If it's trust she needs, are you willing to give her access to your phone and computer to reassure her you're not doing anything to cause mistrust? If so, tell her that. Although I'd maybe bring it up in a mutual context (like “I'd be fine with us having complete access to each other's phones and computers if that's what you need to feel comfortable”) because openness in a relationship should be mutual.

    I'd save the romantic gestures for after she agrees to a relationship where those would be welcomed. If they're unwanted, you may come off as desperate and/or invasive. I'd start with simple conversations. Express interest in knowing more about her. Be willing to open up to her if she wants to know more about you. Listen to her when she needs it. Give her small but sincere compliments occasionally. Basically, just be a positive influence in her life.

    Good luck. Hope it works out for both of you.

  3. Aah, so she was a friend of your daughter's and you did meet her because your daughter brought her home because they were friends.

    Was your wife still in high school, or did you wait until she graduated to marry her?

  4. Delete the footage of Ava coming to speak to you!! Your husband will definitely be monitoring you if he has stalking tendencies


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