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  1. When he's out with out you you're probably safe at home right?

    When you're out together he's your first line of defense in case of anything right?

    Ask him why to be sure.

  2. I would go one better and have both your daughter and her father tested on an ancestry site so that you can show the relationship results to annoying relatives- especially your brother-in-law (him I would ask to bend over to provide a place to file the genetic results). This will not stop all of the crappiness because some folks just look for/thrive on putting others down…but at least you will know who those folks are.

  3. If your continuing to allow her to talk to you after disrespecting your relationship, your girlfriend isn’t going to get the wrong idea. Time to give ultimatums to the friend or break up with your girlfriend. At the very least don’t gaslight your girlfriend if she finds out by telling her that SHES the one with the wrong idea.

  4. I really hope this is a fake post because…yikes. You were groomed and most of your answers show how much influence he has on you. You are 21, you while be enjoying it, finding yourself instead of…whatever this thing you go with this adult. I refuse to call this a relationship. he made you believe he is the best you can get, the only one you need, that you will be lost without him.

    I am very sad that he took advantage of you.

    Do you think you could go back to your parents?

    Don't have sex with him, don't trust that he will not try to get his way.

  5. Bro wtf!!!! You are adults… buy whatever ypu want and if she doesnt respect that then she wasnt your friend. We are adults and we respect everybody. Whatever your reason is, if you like it do it. Yes I understand the JK Rowling thing cause I was pissed at Chick Fil A… (im not from the LGBTQ community, but hated what they did) and man, it was nude. Cause I LOVE FOOD and their chicken sandwiches.

    But yeah your choice is something you always loved so it shouldnt be a problem.

  6. I've tried telling her to leave me alone and even stopped sharing my location with her, problem is apple automatically alerts the person if you stopped sharing their location with them via imessages. The boundaries idea does sound like it might work thought, thank you.

  7. Did she start meowing more after you moved in together? I'm thinking maybe she's more comfortable now, and that's why. Like others have said, I think you need to be clear with her that it really bothers you. It's easier for her to break the habit sooner than later. If she can/ wants to.

  8. What would it matter? I'm asking this as a serious question: If your room mate were a VS model, would you cheat?

  9. My dude, don’t let your pride and ego get in the way of a good thing. The connection you have made with her and the intimacy you have shared are different than you’ve had with other women, right? It is for her too. Don’t spoil it.

  10. That's a good idea, I'll talk to my partner about that possibility. She hasn't got a licence but hopefully a family member doesn't pick her up on the way or she gets her support worker to drive her


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