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  2. Sorry this happened to you. Work as much as possible and on-line as lean as you can. Buy a cheap reliable car and consider living in it while you continue to work. Get a gym membership to a 24 hour gym for shower and bathroom. Then move back to your area. Don’t be afraid to make some friends. Hopefully you cut off the ex. Good luck.

  3. yeah. he really is an asshole. i thought about keeping the baby, up until i started having bleeding and cramping and we called his mom for advice… and he started an argument with his mother over a fucking table. my dad used to do shit like that. my kids dad isnt going to do shit like that… i am so fucking saddened over abortion but this is not a suitable father for my child.

  4. Jfc dump this leech via text message. That's all he deserves and you won't have to hear him whine.

  5. A lot of people are jumping to emotional affair, but this seems more benign to me. Your wife sounds like she's struggling with something and isn't comfortable telling you for whatever reason. I don't think this long time friend is an affair partner, rather someone she (re)connected with that she's comfortable talking to about whatever is plaguing her. A lot of texts isn't strange if the person is helping her cope, and from personal experience when I reconnect with people I always talk to them a lot first to catch them up on stuff and rebuild the friendship.

    It's okay to be suspicious, but don't let everyone here doom spiral you. There are other explanations, and no, relying on someone else for support is not inherently an emotional affair. I recommend asking your wife directly about it not in an accusatory way, but more as if you're worried she's afraid of telling you something and that you're there for her. If you want, you could also try calling the number and verifying your identity before simply asking if your wife is alright (explain it as being concerned and knowing they've been in contact).

    That way you can gain more information about what's actually going on, while leaving things open if it really is just something like what I described. It may actually be an affair too – I don't think it's not a possibility – so you should pay attention to what they say, but going in assuming it's an affair if it isn't will likely destroy what's left of your relationship.

  6. perhaps GF was very unhappy with all the workload as a stay at home mom as well as frequent absences.

    The broad context can be as crucial as the personal factors

  7. some people dont like their family for various reasons and wont have a 'family' meet up…You can meet them at various times and think they are 'good people' but his long term memories may be vastly different. Would you want your family to get involved in pedophelia, alchoholism, criminal acts, beatings and who knows what else? If you come from a 'good family' you cant even fathom the evil that goes on in others. You won't able to understand, cuz it didn't happen to you for years.

    Help him with some therapy, cuz if things are bad, you dont have the capacity to help him through that…No way for me to know, all I have to go off of is a couple paragraphs. I am just spitballing, why someone wouldnt want a family get together…


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