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  1. Thanks man, yeah about clarifying my other breakups. I just didn’t mention it because I felt that they were irrelevant and I tried to sum this up as much as possible. We did talk about our relationship when I saw her, she was cool with me but she said that she can’t be with me because I told her “I’m not happy” but I only meant it because we were fighting the last 4 days and we didn’t spend quality time together. She then said idk I’ll visit a psychiatrist or something, I will talk to you if I feel better, see ya. It’s not that she blocked me or removed my number, she still sees my stories and stuff, and still has our pictures, when I asked her the last time

  2. When you make a promise to someone, that is your word and your honor on the line. When you renege on your promise, that tells someone that you are dishonorable and that your word means nothing.

    Additionally, you are telling your girlfriend where she stands with you. You will be with her … unless something more fun comes along. And you've done this several times. That is not a good way to treat your girlfriend.

    You need to learn the value of keeping your word, son.

  3. You are royally fucked if you stay. If you leave you can still get your job back. Start squirreling money, you dog have to leave overnight. Document everything that's happening before you leave.

    He wants absolute power over you.

  4. Why on earth are you putting up with your partner always being rude to you? This is an issue you need to address immediately. Both your partner's behavior towards you and your acceptance of it. Talk to your partner about how his rudeness makes you feel – if he responds by invalidating you (“you're too sensitive” type of stuff), he will not change.

  5. And that makes you despicable. You are a horrible person. I hope somebody is able to teach your child to not be like you.


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