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  1. Welcome to being in a relationship. MANY couples are in a similar situation as you and your boyfriend, preferring to spend their times in different ways. The mistake is in thinking that your boyfriend is supposed to (or even capable of) fulfilling all of your needs. All couples—and introverted ones more than most—need to spend time AWAY from each other. You are two separate human beings in addition to being in a romantic relationship together. So it’s a good thing to be doing things without him some of the time.

    Also, no two couples are the same. Different couples figure out what works best for them, as far as how/where/when/why they spend their time together and apart. There’s no right or wrong answer here.

    That said, compromise is an important part of a successful relationship, and it would certain be preferable if he occasionally steps outside of his comfort zone by going outside with you sometimes to do things outside the house. So don’t feel guilty about getting him to go out to the gym together, or to a restaurant, or hanging out with friends occasionally. Hopefully you, too, will step out side your own comfort zone and do thing with him that he wants to do that aren’t your favorite, either.

    You might decide that eventually the differences between you are too much, or you might decide that you’ve settled into a happy, comfortable routine that isn’t perfect but it does satisfy both of your needs. Best of luck!

  2. Wow, this is absolutely terrible and horrible advice. Someone doesn't want kids, and you're like nah, have them anyway and just have your partner take care of them. This is ridiculous.

  3. Well, a NORMAL faithful man WILL NOT have a number of a prostitute SAVED in his phone. NO REASON AT ALL.

  4. I think I would just feel too betrayed. I would feel numb towards someone who asked this of me after five years.

  5. Nothing is wrong with what you asked. What’s wrong are the people in your house don’t respect you and this is a toxic situation and your husband doesn’t care about how you feel.

  6. I would show her this post and see if that starts a dialog. At the very least you would probably end up with knowledge of why she has these walls up.

  7. I’ll start off by saying I have put myself in the same situation as you and let it go waaaay longer than you have. I get things jumbled up on my head a lot and I end up sounding pretty stupid a lot of the time when I talk. So instead I learned in school to just lie about things since that was easier for me to keep straight. Say something dumb, just lie and make it true sounding. Forgot to leave the house on time, just lie on why I’m running late. Grab the wrong item from the grocery store, lie about why I thought it was right. Etc… lying was my default.

    Let me tell you I had a crisis moment where I realized I was pretty much more lies than truth in my relationship with my wife. I started a concentrated effort to just stop lying and it was NUDE. Like she would ask me something and I’d lie and then start saying, “that’s a lie, I actually haven’t done the dishes.” And it was frustrating for everyone. She was begging me to just say the f***cking truth the first time and it was so dang frustrating. “Why did you lie about that?” “I don’t know I’m a liar who lies.” I literally texted her that.

    But after a few months I re-trained my brain to just not default to lies and I feel like it has helped me in all aspects of my life. I didn’t even realize how much of a liar I was until I tried to stop. It was second nature by then. It’s a lot less brain power, but it also sucks to give honest answers sometimes when excuses would be so much easier.

    Get started now to make an effort to not lie and call yourself out and correct your lies if you do. Do it before it becomes even more a part of you. Once you let it become a bad cycle it’ll control you like it did for me.

  8. Yes this! Paranoid delusions like having things taken or moved around was only of the earliest symptoms my family picked up on with my grandmother

  9. I mean as other people suggested, figure out if this is a major deal breaker for you. How strongly do you feel about wanting a biological child? Like, how important is this?


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