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Birth Date: 1994-03-02

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureGlamour

11 thoughts on “Just-Lucylive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You are 100% unique in the way that it presents itself in you. We share some common shit, you could really put any hobby in there as a placebo. But yes it was that for me and we share that and I love it! I put my plans with my own sheep and farm on hold and just took up knitting again. It so soothes my nerves, I owe my degree to actually because I was always knitting in class to listen better. (:

  2. am sure you don't have a partner because people like you has alot of thing you don't understand and what makes you think she don't have things she asked her husband not to do. Anybody taking advice from you is definitely dumb. Nobody is allowed to interfere with your marriage not even your family unless there is a need to

  3. My ex often said tactless things like that.

    He said his exes had bigger ass/boobs. He’d tell me which of his female friend he found attractive. He said he would fuck one of his coworkers if he was single and had the opportunity. He’d say stuff like ‘’I don’t know if in a year from now I’ll stop being in love’’ or ‘’statistically, there is probably someone better for me on the planet’’

    I couldn’t figure out if he was just stupidly honest, or trying to make me feel like shit.

    Long story short – it didn’t work.

    If your bf says things like this, he doesn’t care how it will make you feel. This is not ok.

  4. This is your hobby/career. She is being ridiculous. She can’t control your social media, the only thing she should have a right to ask is that anything of her be approved by her. That’s it.

    I admit I’m an old and do not get why there are so many posts from people freaking out by their partner’s social media activities.

  5. She's been lying to you for awhile. What makes you think she's suddenly gonna tell you the truth?

  6. What she did is terrible. On the other hand, it sounds like the last 3 years have been very good. Ten years ago, in my son's 7th year of marriage, his wife had a very lengthy affair with her boss. Long story short, they reconciled and have a terrific marriage. Once she awoke from affair fog, she begged forgiveness. He put together a plan with a number of unnegotiable consequences she had to endure for Jim to attempt reconcilliation. A polygraph and post-nuptial were two of the demands. It is not my position to judge. If you do decide to reconcile, I have a 2 page write-up of my son's story. It has helped several Redditors to reconcile. If interested, send me a chat request, and I will send it to you. I think you 2 have a good chance of working through this.

  7. What are standard lease notices like in your area? I think it would be fair for her to say “I am preparing to build a life, home and family with XT3M3 and that is where I need to put my resources. Consider this my (one month? Two month?) notice to find a replacement.”

    They are completely disinclined to find a replacement for her if she's still paying indefinitely. She needs to clearly state the date on which she won't be paying.

    The real question, though– is she holding her place at her parents' home “just in case” things don't work out with you? Supporting family in general is one thing, but truly paying rent for a place you no longer intend to live! is quite another. She, also, needs to come to terms with the knowing that, when she stops paying, that place may not be there for her anymore.

  8. I struggled with knowing my exact feelings for him because of confrontational issues but now I know that I loved him all along. I love him so much and even though I know I shouldn’t take him back, I am very inclined to do so. As I feel the religious aspect could be dealt with.


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