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  1. There’s not actually any diagnosis for sociopathy anymore. It’s a subset of Antisocial Personality Disorder.

    Just because someone’s diagnosed with a personality disorder doesn’t mean they’re a monster. Empathy is not required for caring, loving, or doing good.

    The red flags here is not the supposed sociopathy, but the criminal past that he seemingly hasn’t moved past at all and the near-bragging about what he didn’t get away with. He’s trapped you and is telling you exactly the hell he’s wanting to put you through.

    If you don’t want this kid anymore, there’s adoption at this point. However, the child won’t necessarily be a monster. In fact, they may not have any neurodivergence at all. However, they still might, but that’s what therapy and community support is for. But I would probably think it safest to separate from your partner at this point.

  2. It's unpleasant to hear but there has to be a way of raising these concerns without people going off the deep end about it.

  3. The only solution to this problem would probably be therapy of some sort.

    She claims that my compliments mean nothing to her because she doesn’t believe them when she’s not wearing makeup.

    You need to work on the trust that you have with each other, it seems like at some level she does not believe you are being truthful. It seems like she feels the need to talk down on herself when people say she looks good without makeup. She needs to learn to accept that other people may have a different opinions of her, but the only thing that she can truly control is her own opinion on herself.

    Op's girlfriend if you are reading this: You need to please stop your negative self talk when people try to compliment you. Not only does this invalidate the person who trying to complement you, but it also does nothing to help with your negative self-esteem.

  4. Maybe its hormonal changes that the body goes through when a lady gets preggy

    As a 32 y o lady myself I can relate somewhat because that is what I feel when I my period is near or I have it already…. Biological changes and well hormonal imbalances maybe the culprit. Its our bodies adjusting? Im no expert but knowing you got preggy that maybe why…

    If that was me in your place? Id avoid the guy like a plague and just meet with him after 1 or 3 months just so I can adjust and get my bodily functions back in order

  5. your wife is sick and you should definitely make sure gabby finds a good job and possibly end your marriage as well

  6. don't believe him. others showed you who he really is, and they had to because he was purposefully hiding it from you. there's no friendship here.

  7. I do think I deserve a more supportive partner. It confuses me with him sometimes because he says, he just wants what’s best for me, and says things that make me feel like he’s supportive but in general it feels controlling. I feel dumb for what I allow, and writing it out and reading it back to myself and seeing the comments is really helping me a lot. Thank you

  8. Let me just make sure I understand, not only was he forcing you to let him go through your phone, he then began unfollowing anyone who happened to be male?

    He also told you to wear a bra because your little brother could look at you?

    And, on top of all of that, he’s trying to blame you for his suicidal thoughts?

    This “good guy” sounds like the stereotype and I would advise you get out of there quickly, OP. Nothing about this sounds like a safe situation for you. It sounds like you’re with someone incredibly controlling and manipulative.


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