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7 thoughts on “Kait-Coron live sex cams for YOU!

  1. He is mistaking your pain for feelings.

    He isn’t taking a step back to look at himself in this situation because he is feeling insecure.

    He should instead be comforting you and communicating why you cried and how that made you feel.

    His communication skills seem sub par, and he is reacting EXTREMELY emotionally.

    I mean if he is going to treat you like this when you clearly need comfort, it’s prob for the best he dips.

    You deserve someone who is going to come to you first and try to comfort you, not immediately throw you away.

    If you want to say these things to him and try to salivate it I wouldn’t blame you, but I also wouldn’t blame you for letting him go on account of horrific communication.

    Best of luck.

  2. I'd point out that trying to initiate sex with someone who is drunk while you are sober is a breach of consent.

    He asked for his dick to get sucked. And this is an oversimplification of the concept of “you can't consent when inebriated” to the point that it is just wrong. Both legally AND morally.

    My wife and I have had plenty of drunk sex. She is not “breaching” my consent by initiating sex with me if I've been drinking. A relationship is not the same context as a random hookup. The idea that someone who is inebriated can't consent isn't some blanket ban on people in relationships hooking up if they've drank.

    HE asked for his dick to be sucked. It seems like she respected it when he asked to cuddle instead. This is not a breach of consent and its a disservice to actual sexual assault victims to classify “sucking my drunk bfs dick when he asked” in the same category as someone taking advantage of their inability to think straight.

  3. Please let me know if I am in the wrong here?

    one of only two questions you asked(which I answered clearly for you)..you aren't looking for advice or people who dont agree with your dramatic assessment.

    Or maybe I’m being dramatic? Ugh #SendHelp

    question number two, which I answered (and you confirmed) also…you dont want advice, you aren't here for that ..you also shouldn't ask questions you really dont want to know real answers too. You want r/rant or some other shit,

  4. Wear the condom. Keep yourself healthy and kid free. As a bonus, it can help you last longer. It also makes for easy clean up.


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