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  1. Wow. Not cool on his part. I always tried my best to be there for my ex gf when she was having a breakdown.

    Tell him that you understand he may need some space to sort himself out, but days of no communication are not acceptable.

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  3. Would you be upset?

    Yes, and no.

    If I was putting my own money into this and he dropped on me last minute. Yeah, sure. Pissed off. However, getting a beach getaway for free? Hell yeah, sign me up.

    I know you have this expectation that was shattered, that is 100% valid. But if you make this an issue now, you will carry that energy into your trip, and you will be guaranteeing a bad experience out of.

    If their tickets are already bought and paid for, no point on fighting on it now. They're coming regardless. Might as well try to salvage the situation the best you can so this trip doesn't bust your reletionship up.

    You can use this experience as a good tool to gauge the direction of your reletionship.

    Things you should talk about for the trip:

    I expect you to be in more control of yourself than you were in Vegas. I don't want any embarrassing incidents or fights to happen. Even though your friends are coming, I would expect some privacy for us occasionally. Have your fun with your friends, but I expect to be included, I don't want to find myself alone in the the room. And you have to be aware of my presence. You cannot ignore me. Otherwise, just go with your friends and don't invite me.

    Then when you return.. try to settle this debate:

    He broke the news to me tonight and said I am being ridiculous for being upset.

    He needs to understand why something like this would be upsetting to you. You can't have that level of inconsideration and misunderstanding exist in your reletionship. There at least needs to be an understanding of your frustration from his end.

  4. I dont really get why guys like girls with a mouth full of cum. Like.. do they just like cum flavored kisses?

    A dick should not have a flavor or smell, if it has either then its dirty and should not be sucked until during/after a shower.

    You dont need to deep throat. The best blowjobs are just handjobs with more licking, and kissing the head of the dick.

  5. You aren’t even dating this guy and he repeatedly tried to have sex that you didn’t want. His idea of ‘working on being better’ looks exactly like won’t take no for an answer and forces sex on you that you don’t want.’

    Dump him, block him, and continue to work in therapy.

  6. You wanna be his wife or his mommy? I anyone snooped in my stuff I'd be gone real quick. # dealbreaker

  7. What should be most important to you is how you want to present yourself to the world. What clothes you want to wear, how you want to express yourself. Anyone who is trying to interfere with that is controlling, is putting their own interests above your interests, and is not somebody. You should be listening to go get a boyfriend who doesn't demand obedience, but who gives equality.


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