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  1. She thought about it and decided your child was not entitled to the money. You know this. You need to have a conversation going forward about finances because if she doesn’t feel she needs to contribute to your child’s college fund you don’t need to contribute to her child’s college fund.

  2. As someone who has cptsd among other disorders, I wouldn't stay. I understand about not wanting to get help, I've been there myself but he has kids and as far as I'm concerned he has no choice but to try to get help.

    My cptsd was partially cause by my parents refused to get help and I've been suffering my entire life as a result. You've given him plenty of time. He will continue to take out his issues on his family, and if your unlucky you kids will end up with similar issues as a result.

    Maybe walking away and letting him know that he has to work on himself before trying again, maybe that will be the kick in the pants he needs

  3. By the time you’re 25, you should be self sufficient enough to not have your parents paying your bills for you because you wanted to move out. Generally, you would decide to move out on your own when you are capable of self-sufficiency.

    That’s not saying that parents can’t help out if they are able to, but if they can’t, for literally any reason at all, you need to be able to handle your own shit. That’s what adults do.

  4. Personally I don’t know why he even bothered to reply to it when he should have just deleted the email and blocked her email address as my view is a past relationship is a past relationship and it should remain in the past but wow I can’t believe that he replied with what he did. I couldn’t personally continue with the relationship if the exact same thing happened to me and my partner sent and email saying that and it matters not if they said no because they were in a committed relationship with a current partner, saying that actually makes it even worse in my eyes


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