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  1. I just can’t get past the idea that this woman has been on these meds for 2-3 WEEKS and he is behaving like she has abandoned him, unloved, in the desert for 50 years. She needs a few weeks to see if this is the right med and if he literally cannot handle that she’s going through something in her own head that is not about him that requires some time and space he does not need to be married to anyone.

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  3. The number of people you have slept with does not matter, period.

    This is his problem, his insecurity, and therefore fixing it is on him. If his confidence is low enough that he can't handle knowing how many previous partners you've had, he needs to work on that.

    As someone who has been in your shoes a few times, in future you might want to avoid the conversation entirely unless your partner outright asks. If they do ask, ask them if they genuinely want to know / will feel better for knowing. 20 isn't even that many partners, but there are people out there that'll be happier oblivious regardless of your number.

    On a side note though, taking issue with the ethnicity of a prior partner is something you may want to seriously think about. With time, and maybe therapy, he can change his self-esteem; something as deep-rooted as overt racism on the other hand, you may be stuck with.

  4. So… Your wife cheated until finding out she was one of many. And after finding out that boss did not think your wife anyone special your wife decides to go to HR? Why did wife not go to HR before when boss put the pressure on?? Why did wife confide in boss?? And letting someone put hands all over you is cheating. If we going to excuse bad behavior on long past trauma everyone can claim a ” get out of jail free” card. Every criminal can give sob story why they did bad and should not face consequences.

  5. Please tell me this is a troll, the idea that there's someone who is actually this stupid with functioning genitals makes me lose all hope for humanity.

    Please don't breed.

  6. If you feel like you won't be able to emotionally invest yourself to this girl then yeah the correct thing to do is to cut things

  7. u/ThrowRAS1k not sure if you deleted your comment or just what but regardless, if you are dating a single parent and you honestly think that things are going to be serious and you want to marry that parent, it's UNREALISTIC to think you will get a weekend EVERY month of alone time. It won't even happen every other month because it's UNREALISTIC. this is not a what works for me doesn't work for you thing. You get serious with someone with kids, you are intending on being a parent to them. Parents to not get regular breaks. And it's laughable that so many people think they do. Y'all don't understand what it means to be a parent or a step-parent. I have NEVER seen such entitlement. If you want a weekend alone DON'T GET WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS KIDS. Seriously, this is not rocket science. Y'all need some damn help! Bunch of idiots!

  8. I'm quite surprised people equate Xanax to feeling high or drink. Except for what you describe, I haven't noticed anything.

  9. Tell him exactly what you want. Sometimes it’s just a lack of communication. I think that if he loves you, he’ll do whatever you want.

  10. She'll get over it, and even if she doesn't, does it matter? The sort of person she is, she's lucky you're staying in contact with her at all.

    Don't live with her under any circumstances, don't give her money. She makes her choices, and has the consequences for those choices.

    Do what you know is right for you, and don't let your mom's attempt to guilt you, rule your life.

  11. I don't think it's pre-tax unless I missed OPs comment. I believe she pays all her monthly expenses (like car payment) and contributes to the savings after that. By taking on a greater liability with her expensive new car, she can't afford as much going into savings.

  12. To add more my body just reacted, like if you go to the doctors and they hit your knee with the triangle

  13. Yea I keep somehow pretending that it’ll all work itself out but it’s becoming more clear that the ship is sinking and it’s sinking very fast.


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