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  1. I have no issues with someone eating off my plate or whatever, but it's sooo fucking annoying when people won't make themselves/order something to eat because they're “not hungry enough”, and then expect to eat some of my food.

    No. I have the amount of food I want, sorry, but I don't want to share it with someone unless that's what we agreed on prior to getting the food. I find expecting food from someone else's plate or share of food to be incredibly rude behaviour, and it shits me no end when someone does it.

    I'll often swap tastes of food with someone if we're eating something particularly yummy, but no-one needs to eat fucking canned baked beans off someone else's plate, lol.

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  3. There is nothing you can say to change her mind.

    She's an awful person and went ahead and married you even though she wasn't even attracted to you. You're better off divorcing, cutting your losses, and moving on.

    Why is SHE crying? She's the one that did this, chose to string you along, and now she's the one that is sobbing about it? Spare me the tears, dollface.

  4. It’s not his fault but it would be his responsibility. Do you want to be with someone who won’t work on himself enough to be able to see you more than once a week?

  5. Your husband responded almost perfectly, the savage cultural beliefs have no place in civilized society.

    ….. maybe your husband could have just broken his nose, his wrist/fingers or something smaller but overall she behaved like an ideal husband. What culture is your husband from?

    Basically, this is a clash of civilizations, the moral western world, and the savage primitive world

  6. My friend is a lesbian and has her own GF so I don't think she is romantically interested in my BF!

    And thank you for the clarification. I would definitely not do anything date-like that was a one-on-one, strictly social activity, especially with someone I just met who wasn't an established platonic friend. But walking around in public hanging up flyers is hardly the same as a private hangout.

  7. OP, in addition to her abusive behavior, does your GF also show signs of having a strong abandonment fear? For example, a few months into your relationship, did she start showing strong jealousy over harmless events involving other women — or try to isolate you away from your close friends and family members? Does she view your spending time with friends/family as your choosing them over her? Does she usually hate being alone by herself (when she is not punishing you with icy withdrawals)?


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