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  1. Your trauma does not excuse your behavior. And his response is entirely predictable. He doesn't like being emotionally manipulated any more than you did when your ex manipulated you. And yes, threatening to end the relationship any time a difference arises is manipulative.

    You need to learn different ways of handling your emotions and responding to conflict. If you're unable to manage that on your own, then you need to be in therapy and make use of professional resources to help you.

  2. It hasn't, we spoke before about how she sometimes throws me under the bus in stressful situations but she was open to speaking about that. This is the first time she's just straight up ghosted me.

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  4. You didn't do anything wrong OP , you tried to do something nice for her and she shit all over you for it and showed zero gratitude (which is the very least she could have shown). Most people would be pretty excited to get leave early and go to the spa and pamper themselves but for whatever reason she was in a mood and decided to ruin it as much as she could. If it really bothered her she should have said “take me home I do not want to go” instead of making you both suffer through her tantrum. I think it was highly disrespectful of you and your good intentions and it wouldn't have been a big stretch for her to at least thank you for the evening. Its just sad she instead decided to act like a child and not communicate what is going on with her instead she blame-shifts you for some weird reason because she can't just say what is really bothering her out loud. I would have just canceled everything and taken her home if my GF had been throwing that kind of attitude at me after doing something so nice for her.

  5. It's a red flag to say it so soon. Take your time. You don't have to say it back, you don't have commit to anything.

    Don't spend as much time with him, do things with your friends, indulge your hobbies. And don't meet his kid, the kid shouldn't know of your existence for at least 6 months.

    Don't get suckered into being unpaid childcare.

  6. Thank you for helping me see this a little more clearly, even if it's very painful. He's been telling me this whole time that I'm not doing enough to support him and giving these ultimatums, like, if I argue with him once in 2023 he's canceling the wedding, or if I criticize him or raise my voice or whatever. He makes me feel like I'm unreasonable for expecting him to participate in our joint life and support the plans and promises he's made. I don't really have many friends to talk to, I feel humiliated about it all.

  7. I just don’t know how to do it without coming across as judgmental or disappointed.

    I think you don't know because you are in fact judgemental and disappointed right now. I don't mean to pick on you I promise, but everything about your post screams judgemental and disappointed. I think your best bet if you are going to talk to him is focus on the positive things you like seeing him do rather than point out all the stuff he is doing that you don't like.

    But ideally it should all come from a genuine place of concern for him, which I don't really pick up on in your post. You seem mostly concerned with how his behavior is making you feel. Your feelings are ok and valid by the way. You feel however you feel. That's not my point. My point is that having your feelings tied to his actions is a recipe for disaster in a relationship. Everyone goes through ups and downs and changes in their life. Even if you were dating a driven, compulsive workaholic they may wake up one day and realize they hate their life and they want a drastic change. It happens. People change. So forming the basis of your relationship on his performance at work is just shaky ground for love. It's just not sustainable without a bunch of resentment building up on one or both sides. Just something to think about as you frame this situation in your head.

  8. There's no resolution to this, you're monogamous, she's poly, and a bit shitty imo. Seriously do not date a poly person as someone who values monogamy, and please please don't marry them. This is ridiculous and never ends well. You are fundamentally incompatible.

  9. Your husband isn’t happy. He won’t be happy. You will make him very unhappy. This is NOT in the best interest of your kids. If you want to do right by then you need to call a therapist for yourself and another for your marriage and tell them you need an appointment immediately. We aren’t catering to patriarchal norms. I’m a woman. I love having sex with my husband. I wish we had sex more often! Do not presume every woman is the same as you are. We certainly are NOT. And I actually give a damn about my husbands feelings and needs. That’s what a good wife does.

  10. Maybe people perceive him as “sensitive” and feel like they need to think before they speak?

    Even if he isn't, he maybe gives off that vibe so maybe that's why men aren't has comfortable around him?

  11. I spent 20 years in a relationship where she always had something to say about how things were done but would never get involved enough to make a difference… move on… you’re too young and you can do better….


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