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  1. I don’t understand dudes like this how does knowing or not knowing how long she dated someone or anything about another person in her past help you? Or help your relationship? How does having a history report on this woman affect anything? Do you like her for her? Or do you like her because of who dates her and how long they dated? I don’t understand this logic—why keep tabs on a part of her life you did not exist in?

  2. Often, as part of getting to know someone in a new relationship, one gets into a “future” based mind set. Living in the future allows one to be living in hope for what may be, rather than living in the moment of what is.

  3. Kik is very widely used by scammers and catfish people to get their thrills. Were these women also all gorgeous? Because they're probably just stealing model photos and using them.

    It doesn't really address your concern. You can decide how you feel. I'm just letting you know that they were probably not real women, or women he met IRL. I would still feel betrayed and as if it were cheating, personally

  4. Your allowed to say no. In fact anything less than an enthusiastic yes is an automatic no. “No. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in being poly. I've tried it and it's not for me.”

    It's better to lose her now than to go through all the drama and hurt that is headed your way because you are not on board with being poly.

  5. OP. This guy is not her friend, he wants to fuck her and you know it. If she doesnt cut him of completly you know where you stand with her. Anything else she will try to convince you is just BS.

  6. Have you tried couples counseling and or a child specialist, unbiased third party?

    I'm all for corporal punishment only if it's done calmly. My little cousin convinced after refusing to stop biting me and rubbing his nose on me during boxing.


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