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  1. He tried to kill you. He almost killed your FIL. If your wife is an enabler like her mother, that means your life is in danger. She’s prepared to endanger herself, but she absolutely does not get to ask you to put yourself in the same position or wait around for her to be killed herself. It’s ultimatum time. And you need to be prepared to leave. Because with how your wife’s parents are acting, you need to go no contact with them immediately, and I don’t think your wife is prepared for that necessity.

  2. Just tell him that you can’t afford it so you won’t be able to go but to tell his family on your behalf to have a merry Christmas and leave it at that. If you can’t afford it then don’t put yourself into a financial hole to make him happy. By the way, if I invited my girlfriend to spend Christmas with my family I wouldn’t expect her to put her hand in her pocket for anything.

  3. Dump her. You may not even have ED. There are so many factors that can contribute to this. I’ve personally had this issue and turns out (after discussing with a therapist) my anxiety, ironically enough it was basically performance anxiety, was stopping any chance of erection which was increasing my anxiety etc etc.

    My girlfriend was so patient, we developed an even closer relationship and now we also have the best sexual relationship I’ve ever had and have intercourse multiple times a week which can be limited to the fact we don’t live together.

    If she can’t be patient and give you time to figure out this cause, she clearly only wants you for sex OR finds too much of her self worth through sexual relations, which she would need to work on before you could ever have a sexual relationship that is healthy.

    TL:DR Therapy, communication, and patience can solve this but she may just want you for sex

  4. I would tell your boyfriend that if he wants he can look at your older messages. But that you feel your boyfriend crossed a major boundary and sent the picture to try and wreck your relationship. Tell him about the co-parenting app because to me this seems like a great way to make sure your ex can't do this weird crap in the future. Your bf might have just needed to take a break. Hopefully you both can figure it out.

  5. There's something going on here, OP. He either doesn't want to get married – at least not to you – or there's something else holding him back. Talk to him. Be open and honest about what timeframe you are expecting now and why he keeps pushing the timeframe back. If you are willing to wait a bit longer, tell him. If you aren't, then you need to tell him that, too. It's okay if this is no longer working for both of you, but you need to know what's going and he needs to be honest with you.

  6. I didn't stay she should stay with him.

    I said she should make him suffer for it.

    What a disgusting thing to say. And to your child about their parent, no less.

  7. Stop doing drugs op and maybe you won’t have these issues to post on Reddit. Hope you get some rehab and your boyfriend moves on :/

  8. The longer you stay, the more you’re enabling him. Like other users have said, he won’t get better, he’ll only get worse and you will end up destroying your self worth wondering why you’re not enough.

    I know how hot it is when you love someone more than yourself, but please get out now. Not ten years from now.

  9. Frankly, it’s none of your business and you don’t have the right to tell your friend you’re not okay with it. She’s 30 and capable of choosing shitty partners if she wants to.

    Also, if he is that bad that you don’t want your friend dating him, why are you okay with your boyfriend being friends with him?

  10. It’s really fucked up. I feel like a husk, a shell of the person I was when I met him. This kind of thing happening several times a month whittles away my joy and will to live. Maybe he does enjoy it…. I can’t really explain why else he can’t apologize when he hurts me and why we have to play this game. It’s awful. It makes me soul sick. Last year he had an affair and I think sometimes I should have left then. More and more I just feel used. I’ve financially supported him for almost the whole seven years. Am I a loser? I feel like a loser. I feel played. Yes, if I’m honest with myself I think that if he sincerely loved me he would work, not have had an affair, and apologize to me before I’m broken down crying. I’m scared of what life without him would be like… we are together so much, but I’m starting to feel more afraid of what it will be like if I stay.

  11. Tbh if this were me I'd either throw a drink in the dad's face or outright slap him. Maybe then he will get the message? Regardless, you shouldn't be with someone who allows his family to harass you. My husband would be disgusted and probably fight his dad if he ever said anything like that to me. The dad is a POS and the boyfriend doesn't fall far from the tree either.


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