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  1. Dude. Sorry to hear about this.

    As hurt as you must be about all of this happening, you can take solace in knowing she showed her true colors before your'll got married.

    Give the alcohol a break for now, and try to take up a new hobby to keep you occupied.

    If she's willing to give you a hall pass, for “what she did” I'm afraid she's not telling you the complete truth. Go full NC and tell your parents and hers why the wedding has been canceled.

    You're still young, and you'll definitely find somebody more suitable for you, who wouldn't be so heartless, and throw away their whole relationship so publicly.

    The best revenge is a life well lived. Take control of your life, hit the gym, new hobbies, throw yourself at your job, to be the best version of yourself. If you really need to, maybe even seek therapy if you feel it will help you navigate this tumultuous time in your life.

    Much love and stay safe man.

  2. That’s not true. What happened between them is in the past and won’t happen again. Not all people are capable of cheating.

  3. It's totally normal to feel attracted to other people. That doesn't mean you wanna get with them. Maybe you should instead work on your self worth and look for self confirmation so you are not looking for it outside of yourself. That should help that this doesn't affect you that much anymore in the future. Also check in with your bf and see if you really get enough attention of it's lacking?

  4. “It's my money til we get married,” explain? Do y'all not share finances yet? Cause this comes off controlling and patriarchal dude.


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