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Model from: ru

Languages: ru

Birth Date: 2004-05-15

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureStudent

13 thoughts on “KatrinaMiroslavskayalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. The “they only want one thing” narrative is overblown. These guys aren't just accumulating notches on their bed post. If a person wants to have the sex why would they only want it once? Why not 3, 5, 10, 20 times?

  2. It really was perfect! We spent very little on our outfits (linen trousers & loose shirt, white beach maxi dress with lots of flowers in hair) and got married on a beach with nobody in attendance but the local vicar, his kid son he'd just picked up from school and the wedding photographer. The weather and beach was perfect, with a bright blue tropical ocean, softly lapping waves, fine white sands, coconut palm tree's and very few people on the beach. Afterwards, we chilled with cocktails and played with a puppy that ran up to us, the day could not have been more happy, relaxed and perfect. Being on the island as well meant that we got to start our honeymoon immediately afterwards, I can't imagine a more chilled wedding in the history of weddings.

    Honestly, the only stressful thing was actually organising the wedding reception at home! It was a pain in the ass having to chase people up about all their menu choices, arrange seating and get everything synchronised. It was a nice reception in the end but we really did just hold it for the old folks who were dear to us in life and had it not been for them, I'm not sure we would have really bothered with it all.

    My advice is to keep everything low-key. Also, make sure you do the maths correctly on the heads you invite people the reception; it can easily end up costing $80-$150 per head when you factor in the costs of food, chairs, decorations and other stuff, so think about how much you really like people. IMO it's a much better start to married life if you can begin with a healthy bank balance, than if you face spending years on end paying off debts that make it very difficult to save up for stuff like a mortgage etc.

  3. You have no idea she isn't cheating lol, stop with that narrative you've made to keep yourself safe and sane. She very well could be.

    If she's just with friends why wouldn't she want to tell you how fun it was and what they did?

    Midnight to 10am? Sounds like cocaine

  4. Except you have 0 evidence that anyone was underage at any point in this relationship. The sperm that was used to make you had more brains than you do

  5. Just checking, you mean…

    She then said that ‘[I’m] really annoying’ and continued by saying that she’s ‘probably not the only one that thinks [I’m] annoying'

    As in she was talking about you? Not herself? And the literal word she said was “you're”?

  6. You didn't have good reason, you thought you knew better that's different. She should not have apologized to you, she did exactly what she was supposed to, what more did you want?

  7. I'm sorry this happened to you. It doesn't seem fair, and I can read how you're suffering. I hope you get justice here. Peace and love to you, internet stranger.

  8. No. You must not understand how the real world works. It's so she recruits any money that she lost or any potential earnings that she may lose due to sexual harassment. HR is always going to protect the company and have the best interests for the people higher up. The people in the bottom like her, I'm assuming courage, you have to go get a lawyer because they will always protect the company and never be on your side. That's their job


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