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  1. To involve a child is what’s wrong with this world! No child at any age needs to know adult business! Wtf good would the wife explained to a 13 year old child she isn’t getting inheritance from a man she never met, going to do but cause trauma for the 13yr old and resentment in the relationship between husband and wife! Do you reread what you wrote before hitting the reply button!? He’s asking for resolution, not how to start a revolution!!! ??‍♀️

  2. No, that’s crazy behavior, instead of proper communication and waiting to see someone’s behavior he’s treated you like a toy. It’s a preview for the future

  3. If you’re not able to or want to find a job somewhere else you’ll have to have a conversation with your boss about informing your father about your work performance. It would be beneficial to mention this incident because it happened due to your boss’ actions. Overall it’s unethical for a boss to inform a parent of an adult employee about said employees work performance, and it’s not the best thing for a business to have employee’s personal life being broadcast in front of paying customers.

    You really should get a new job though. Save up your money and get the heck out of there and away from your (seemingly emotionally abusive) father.

  4. I'm so disappointed this is actually real. I thought you were a troll. What a horrible situation to be second fiddle to your husband's friend

  5. Sounds like you don’t have time for a relationship right now. Let her go find someone that can give her what she needs.

  6. My Dude: it should be over. I'm already over the fact that you responded with this long of a rebuttal. She got you twisted.

  7. Get a PI. Hire an attorney. Get the evidence. Have divorce papers served to him while he is out with her publicly. Then leave and do look back. Just learn from the expiration. Don't make the same error in the future.

    Do you get to keep the house? What are divorce laws in your state? If you do, kick him out and change the locks.

  8. He’s fasting. He’s likely very sleepy and out of it during the day, and saving important tasks for after he breaks his fast in the evening. He may also be waking up just before dawn to eat something, so his whole sleep schedule could be wonky right now.

    I think it’s okay to ask for a bit more communication, but also please understand that this may really having nothing to do with you. Daily life changes during Ramadan, and fasting makes many people more inward-focused, introspective, and quieter overall.

    It also makes some people cranky, so consider that he may be avoiding contact because he doesn’t want to be a jerk to you.

  9. Well, as a mom to a young man, I think self esteem is an entitlement for both genders…but as I said, society kinda lays the expectation on men to pull the compliment cart.

  10. There is a reason why it is called dating. This is the time you Find out if you are compatible with each other. She and her family are comfortable with the ex being involved in their lives. You are not. It is fair of you to not continue the relationship if this is a sticking point. Nothing wrong with making a decision like that.

  11. “I don’t understand why you feel the need to disclose my sensitive medical information to people I haven’t chosen to open up to in that way. Can you give me some insight as to why you feel entitled to share my private medical information with people I don’t feel close enough to share that with? I’m really trying to understand why you feel so comfortable hurting me like this because I could never betray your confidence in this way.”

    I’d phrase it exactly like that and in a text so she can read and re-read the exact impact her behavior is having on you


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