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14 thoughts on “Katt Leya

  1. That is weird, you are worried you are going to ruin this rich family's Xmas budget? They will be fine. Tell them you need to go spend Xmas with people who aren't charging you for it.

  2. And he also abused and stole from him for years. He doesn't deserve the label of father. Let's stop rewarding people for doing the bare minimum. And the only reason his mother couldn't be there for him was because of the sperm donor abusing her and threatening her.

  3. If you tell your husband be prepared for the end of your marriage. Which ever way you spin it, you allowed it to go this far and it sounds like you were also a willing participant in the “kissing and touching”. Whilst you may have had a coming to Jesus moment the trust will be gone and so will your relationship as you know it.

  4. She lied by omission. Which is a terrible way to start a relationship. Though this all comes down if you can look pass who she is and that she hid it from you. If it's a deal breaker- you have to let her down and break up now. Be kind. You're allowed your feelings and preferences.

  5. But this is a recurring issue. This isn't a one time thing where you could see that it's not the norm.

    he lets him stomp on my boundaries and treat me like shit.

    This is what I mean. This is disrespecting you and disregarding your feelings and boundaries. This shouldn't and can't happen.

    You need to have a serious talk and he needs to see what he is doing wrong. Also, at the end of the conversation there should be boundaries and a game plan for this to never happen again.

  6. You talk about hinting and nudging, but have you actually talked to him about it? If you can’t even have a conversation about marriage together, you’re probably not ready to be married.

  7. So? Do you think fraud can't ruin innocent people's lives? Do crimes only matter if someone suffered physical harm?

  8. what the fuck are you on about. If i am unclear why im upset i apologize but

    But you dont realize im not mad at her giving the dude the snap, she was under pressure i get it yeah i do. bosses around and all that yeah

    but decidign to DM and lie why she cant add on snap hours later and not tell me anything about it even with history repeated with ex boyfriends,dude friends and party dude suggests otherwise this is not me mad about her giving snap

    im fummig because she cant tell this damn crush why she doesnt add back honestly when i told her to do it several times and pinpoint it on me because this dude doesnt clearly get it. I am OKAY with you giving it at the time but not okay with you lying about why you cant add back hours later on instagram trying to find his accoutn on instagram he doesnt work there

  9. Is he willing to cut off F on everything and totally not speak or have any interaction with her?

    If not and find excuses not to then maybe break up because she’s a problem and she won’t stop. She’s bringing drama and wants to break up your relationship. ‘I’ll give him a chance under those conditions. You too cut her off.

  10. Blowjobs are always good.

    All joking aside, are there any whiskey distilleries near you that offer tours and tasting sessions?

  11. I more meant you and your gfs asses going to jail for the child porn. Or her going go jail for sensing nudes to a minor.

  12. You are not the AH! He is showing you what he is capable of doing. Today he shows you he has a fist next he will say you made him use fist. Get away before it gets worse. Heal you. You can’t control others feels only your own. If he wants to act like a man child let him do it with someone else. Take care of you.

  13. Let me drop some knowledge on you my friend. As men everything that we think is stupid, corny, waste of time, waste of money, embarrassing….. those are all things that girls love. girls love getting flowers, girls, love hugs, and they love to be held and makes him feel safe and brings you closer. Things that most men think are crap. It is a small price to pay to see her happy so you better get on board and , or better just get on…..


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