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  1. you start to get to know someone before dating, then yes ofc you continue to get to know them when you date taking the time to get to know the person before dating can save you from really terrible experiences, people don't always show their true colors un that stage but that can still help you

    also : it's very simple to spot when someone is insecure, and dating someone insecure just to walk away from their insecurities which makes them feel even more shitty about themselves is just a crappy thing to do, if you can avoid doing that (tbh in 99% of the cases you totally can avoid it) please do, cause it's just gonna destroy someone's self esteem even more than it already is

  2. My oldest is almost 3 years old and my youngest is 4 months old so their age gap is about 2.5 years. But youโ€™re right, babies bring a lot of stress. I feel like we handled the first baby better tbh

  3. You may have altered feelings because you found out months after… How do you feel today knowing that her girlfriend knows and definitely shared it with someone else, that the “friend” bragged about it within his circle and now, after the disclosure, they may know that you know…! Can you watch her without thinking that she effed him and when back, she effed you -maybe you went down on her too?

    For me, she would be dead, DEAD and buried. This is what actually I would have told her, that the moment she did it, she died for me.

    House? Do you want that house? Buy her out! Or, sell it.

    Want to postpone the legalities? I can understand this, but letting her know that it's over is a must.

  4. She's betrayed you and you are her sloppy second choice. She will NEVER change . Get out of your emotions and tell the other dude. He DESERVES to know that you both are disgusting and pathetic people who deserves each other. Tell HIM so he can walk away and dump her from his existence!!


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