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5 thoughts on “kendall the hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You’re being pressured into having sex you don’t want to have. Bf/gf/husband/wife/fwb, it doesn’t matter. You said no, thats the end of the conversation. Theres a word for forcing someone who said no to be intimate, and someone does all the “work.”

  2. Honestly tipping the food tray all over you in a rage is abusive so it’s better that he left. Sounds like this was a trap in any case.

  3. “No.” Full stop. “I'm not wearing that/doing it that way.” “I like what i wear, don't police my outfits.” Full stop. Leave the room/walk away in the store if need be. He buys you shit you don't want? Return it or give it/throw it away. My husband last year started telling me I looked unprofessional/didn't like what I worse” and I just kind of ignored him/blew him off. Cue him f getting me an ugly bulky cardigan because “he thought I needed one to look nicer” and I finally popped off. Told him I like how I dress, the cardigan was something a grandma would wear and if he loved it so much he could have it. Told him never to buy clothing for me again and that for someone who wanted me to look professional he sure did go to work wearing wrinkled up, sometimes stained clothing pretty frequently and to shut his mouth unless he had something positive to say about my clothes. Since then there was ONE time he started saying something but he stopped himself when I glared at him. He married me, he knows my style, my boss is fine with my clothes, and just because he doesn't like my aesthetic doesn't mean he gets to make me feel bad.

  4. The intensity of the interrogations have decreased dramatically with time. While she’ll still ask questions it’s far less accusing than it used to be.

    Ooof straight out of the abused spouse playbook of justifications.

    OP. Her reaction was not okay. The sooner you admit that they quicker all of you can get help.


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