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  1. …..

    Not everyone has to find you beautiful, but if his friend was a good friend, she wouldn’t disrespect any partner he had. He is the one that lives (or will live) with you, dates you, etc. Not her. She’s ugly, not you.

    Your boyfriend could have defended you better. “I don’t see boobs or face” ??? No, more like “Watch your mouth. You’re ugly tf? My girl is beautiful”

  2. Yes! I upvoted OP's first few comments saying how overwhelmed her fiancé is but ENOUGH. Be straight and strong with him. With Covid & all the other terrible things a baby can't fight you should be limiting contact anyway. Recover, keep your baby safe and healthy. Stop pandering to this idiot man child who is stressing you out because his mommy is sad.

  3. false hope is the absolute worst thing you can do for him. WORST. you have to just do it and tell his mom that she needs to support him. TBH, maybe going to the hospital and doing it in person like, now, would be the best thing for everyone?

  4. I actually did get her into therepy (she is on my medical insurance and I pay the co pays for her visits) a few years back. She doesn't go consistently though.

  5. Because I know he’s trying his best to be a good partner because he will surprise me with something that will give me hope (big or small). I love him but it’s sometimes hard for me to remember. I just hope I’m not the only one who feels this way. (:

  6. Wait this out. If you don’t mind losing the friend, you can date the gf later maybe but don’t be her rebound


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